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Scheme Evaluation

We will conduct a professional assessment of the customer's factory strength (area, equipment, talent, capital) and capacity needs (market analysis). After the customer determines our evaluation plan, the specific implementation scheme begins.

Know About The Factory

Have an overall understanding of the software and hardware of the customer's factory, such as workshop, equipment, talent, capital, etc.

Assess The Factory

After the above in-depth understanding, the overall strength of the customer's factory is evaluated and rated.

Market Demand Analysis

Analyze the specific industry of the customer and conduct market research.

Overall Scheme Evaluation and Determination

Evaluate the feasibility of the overall scheme, and after the evaluation is completed, the customer determines the scheme.

Customized Equipment

Equipment customization is carried out according to the customized plan from the evaluation. Customized equipment is available to cover every process of glass processing. Such as glass cutting machine, edge grinding machine, toughening furnace and so on. After the customer purchases the equipment, we will provide professional installation guidance.

Glass Cutting Machine and Edge Grinding Machine

The glass cutting machine can quickly cut the original glass into various specifications of glass, and has an automatic planning function, which can reduce the loss of the original glass. The glass edge grinding machine grinds the edge of the glass to make the edge of the glass smooth and flat, which prevents the staff from being scratched by the edge of the glass.

Glass Drilling Machine and Glass Slotting Machine

The glass drilling machine can make holes on the glass surface according to customer requirements. The glass slotting machine performs slotting treatment on the glass surface according to customer requirements.

Glass Washing Machine and Toughening Furnace

After the previous series of processing processes, there is a lot of dust on the glass surface, and the cleaning of the glass is very necessary. Glass washing machine use water (circulating water or deionized water) or chemicals to clean the dirt or stains on the glass surface. The toughening furnace heats the glass and then quenches it, so that compressive stress is formed on the surface of the cooled glass, and tensile stress is formed inside the glass, so as to improve the strength of the glass and make ordinary glass into tempered glass.

Autoclave and Laminating Furnace

The autoclave consists of a tank body, a heating system, a cooling system (vacuum cooling device) and an insulation system, and its working principle is to increase the temperature and pressure, so that the film and glass are fused together. The laminating furnace is composed of six parts: furnace body, electrical control system, vacuum system, thermal circulation system, cooling system and loading and unloading system. Through high temperature extrusion, two or more pieces of glass are bonded together by EVA glass interlayer together.

Material Supply of Laminated Glass

E&N provides various materials for laminated glass, such as original glass, glass interlayer, various wire materials, acrylic materials and so on. There are so many varieties to you choose from.


The original glass is used for cutting, edging, punching, grooving, cleaning, tempering and other steps to obtain tempered glass and curved tempered glass, and then proceed to the next step of processing.

Glass Interlayer

E&N provides high-quality EVA glass interlayer and MG ionoplast interlayer, which are widely used in various places of outdoor architecture and interior decoration, and have been widely praised by customers.

Wire Material

E&N also provides various styles of wire materials, such as silk, cloth, linen, paper, metal mesh, etc. The processed wired glass is not only durable, but also very beautiful.


Acrylic has high transparency, light transmittance of 92%, has the reputation of "plastic crystal", and has excellent weather resistance. Due to its characteristics of thermal deformation temperature ≥78℃ and thermal softening temperature ≥105℃, it is necessary to cooperate with our EN-AL interlayer for low temperature lamination.

Auxiliary Material Supply

The auxiliary materials provided by E&N mainly include: ①. PDLC film ②. Glass glue ③. High temperature tape ④. Silicone bag ⑤. Disposable vacuum bag ⑥. Vacuum bag edge sealing machine ⑦. Vacuum nozzle and so on.


The PDLC film provided by E&N has the characteristics of safety and explosion-proof, sound insulation and noise isolation, and beautiful appearance. Because it requires low temperature processing and is not light-fast, it is processed together with our EPD-PL interlayer film, and the quality of the finished product is very good.

Glass Glue and High Temperature Tape

The special glass glue for laminated glass will not corrode the laminated glass substrate and other materials, no bubbles, no degumming, and easy to operate during processing. The high temperature adhesive is made of PET material, which is widely used in the processing of laminated glass because of its high temperature resistance and good adhesion.

Silicone Bag and Disposable Vacuum Bag

Silicone bag is the core component of lamination furnace processing, which has the characteristics of good sealing, high tear strength and long service life. The disposable vacuum bag has good sealing performance, waterproof and moisture-proof, and is very suitable for the inner packaging of the interlayer, especially the MG ionoplast interlayer which has strict requirements on storage conditions.

Vacuum Bag Edge Sealing Machine and Vacuum Nozzle

The vacuum bag edge sealing machine is easy to operate, the sealing is flat and beautiful, and the packaging has strong plasticity. It is used in conjunction with disposable vacuum bags. The vacuum nozzle is connected to the vacuum pump through the rubber tube, and the gas inside the package is pumped out to achieve a vacuum effect.

Processing Guidance

E&N will provide professional processing technology guidance, such as laminating furnace processing guidance, autoclave processing guidance, rolling processing guidance, on-site construction guidance, etc. As long as you encounter problems in the processing of laminated glass, you can consult E&N in advance, and E&N will send a professional team for on-site technical guidance

Laminating Furnace Processing Guidance

Provide on-site guidance for the problems encountered by customers with laminating furnace processing.

Autoclave Processing Guidance

Provide on-site guidance for the problems encountered by customers with autoclave processing.

Rolling Processing Guidance

Provide on-site guidance for problems encountered by customers during rolling processing.

On-site Construction Guidance

Observe at the construction site, and the professional team can provide on-site guidance immediately if there is a problem.

Finished Product

After processing, the sample glass is made first, and after the quality of the sample glass is confirmed, the finished laminated glass can be mass-produced. The laminated glass made is widely used in various fields.

Sample Glass

The processed laminated glass is clear and transparent, with good flatness, no overflow glue on the edge, and first-class quality.

Clear Finished Glass for Outdoor Applications

Laminated glass used in outdoor buildings has a series of advantages such as high strength, strong weather resistance, high UV blocking rate, and excellent fragments retention ability. High quality is an important guarantee for extending the service life of finished products, protecting the rights and interests of customers and consumers.

Functional Finished Glass Applications

Functional finished products can be used in many indoor and outdoor fields, such as ultra-clear glass used in display cabinets. It not only has excellent transparency and excellent strength, but also has the characteristics of low yellowing index, allowing tourists to appreciate the exhibits more clearly and bringing tourists a better play experience.

Colored Finished Glass Applications

The finished products of black and white series and color series can be applied to interior decoration, which can enrich interior colors,bring strong color impact and visual enjoyment.


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