Special Glass Customization

Special Glass Customization

Pre Design

Design Concept

Key Design Research

Simple Development Final Design

Inspection Test Exclusive Test


Pre Design

1. Listen to product needs
2. Define the scope of cooperation and expected results
3. Gather information to match needs
4. Interpretation of product profiles

Design Concept

1. Start the design process
2. Confirm design concept
3. Draft design manuscript

Key Design Research

1. Product structure, shape, appearance communication
2. Communication of technical issues
3. Test design communication

Simple Development Final Design

1. Design finalization
2. Meet the material and equipment requirements
3. Sample making

Inspection Test Exclusive Test

1. Exclusive testing experiment
2. Standardized data reporting
3. Data Interpretation Report


1. Quality equipment
2. Standardized production

Our Service Process

Pre Sale

According to customer needs, determine the size, processing technology, application scenarios, etc., formulate a plan for feasibility evaluation, use professional knowledge to answer product questions, provide quotations, and provide sample services.

On Sale

Provide the size for customization. After the deposit is paid, we will report each step to the customer according to the scheduling plan, check the packaging and ensure the normal transportation.

After Sale

After the receipt is confirmed to be correct, guide the project installation, pay the balance and provide after-sales service.


  • FAQ about the company

    What are the main products of your company?

    Special large slab glass, special function glass, cultural and creative glass.

    What is the main character of your company?

    Technical services, development and design, testing and experiment, sales and service operation, after-sales maintenance.

    Can the electronic version of the company be provided?

    There are many types of product information, in order to more accurate service, please contact customer service for the corresponding information.

    What certificates does the company have?

    We can provide European standard, American standard, ASEAN standard, Australian standard, Chinese standard and other relevant standards.

    What are the main advantage of your company?

    In China, we have a variety of glass segments of the quality supply chain, one-stop solution for customers glass products procurement. At the same time to provide customers with a complete set of system service process, technical consultation - product development (proofing) - sales service - after-sales support, more service content please contact customers.

    Can we represent your products?

    Of course.

  • FAQ about the product

    What is the definition of special large slab glass?

    Super long, super high, super wide, super thick flat glass, single glass and hyperbolic glass.

    What is the maximum processing size of special large slab glass?


    Can you provide the sample of the company?

    Of course, for more effective service, please contact customer service in advance.

    What are the special functional products?

    Walkway glass, electric heating glass system, dimming (PDLC) glass, customers can provide customized requirements

    What are the cultural products?

    With glass or coloured glaze as the carrier, it integrates art, culture, intangible cultural heritage, ethnic and local conditions and other elements, which are reflected in the form of ornaments, paintings, installations and sculptures. Customers can provide customization on request.


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