ENsafe™EG Drop Test Experiment Comparison Video:

In the video, a control experiment was done between ordinary EVA laminated glass and ENsafe™EG laminated glass falling ball test. As a result the iron ball penetrated the ordinary EVA laminated glass but not penetrated the ENsafe™EG laminated glass.

ENsafe™MG Ionoplast Interlayer Load-bearing Test:

In the video, the staff broke the ENsafe™MG laminated glass with a hammer, but the broken ENsafe™MG laminated glass can still bear the weight of 6 adults. It well demonstrated the excellent load-bearing performance of ENsafe™MG ionoplast interlayer.


Experiments In The E&N Laboratory:

In the video, the general process of the experiments performed by the E&N laboratory is shown. It directly reflects the strong strength of E&N laboratory as the first standard laboratory in the industry.


Company Promotion Header:

In the video, E&N's excellent capabilities in scientific research, development, production, trade and service are well demonstrated. Relying on a young and energetic management team, E&N can develop better and faster, and ultimately lead the development of China's EVA film industry.


The 10th Anniversary of E&N 2018 Clients Thanks Meeting:

The video shows the activities of E&N's 10th anniversary celebration. Including domestic and foreign customers to visit the company and hold a customer appreciation meeting. Especially the customer appreciation meeting: including awards, performances, lottery draws, and dinner parties. At the end of the video, there are congratulations from domestic and foreign customers and company leaders, hoping that E&N can achieve better results in the future.


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