Decorative Laminated Glass Solutions & Applications

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Laminated glass has been a popular choice for commercial glass projects for longer. These are well-considered for their strength, optimal functionality, versatility, and durability. However, decorative laminated glass with interlayer film makes it suitable for applications needing excellent safety measures, strength, and versatility.

Decorative laminated glass solutions and their applications to know.

Decorative laminated glass has become a popular choice for multiple applications considering the decorative details, versatility, and convenience it offers in different applications. Various types of decorative glass solutions are available out there. Some of these we have mentioned below with their preferred applications to know.

So, here we go:

Decorative interlayer glass

The interlayer film is situated between two glass panels which can enhance the customization of decorative interlayer glass. This customization can facilitate different colors and patterns in line with textures and shades. The textures and shades in the decorative interlayer glass help choose certain opacity levels.

  • Common areas to use decorative interlayer glass solutions include academic institutions, retail, corporate headquarters, and fitness centers.
  • Markerboards, display cases, and shelves are the most common applications of decorative interlayer glass.

Ceramic frit

Another common decorative laminated glass solution is ceramic frit, that’s applied to the glass and fired into an opaque, permanent coating. It includes spandrel glass and silk screening. It helps reduce glare, visible light, and heat gain while offering a distinctive look to the exterior. The patterns in ceramic frit decorative glass solutions range from simple options to intricate to gradient designs.

It is a suitable decorative laminated glass solution for lamination and insulated applications.

Digital design and ceramic printing

Decorative laminated glass options are also available to enable extraordinary customizations. Techniques, including computer-aided design, graphics, drawings, and digital photography, are key solutions to achieve this customization in digital ceramic printed decorative glass.

  • The key areas for digital design and ceramic printing decorative laminated glass include retail, indoor stadiums, spas, and salon.
  • However, the key applications typically include dividers, partitions, windows, and interior walls.

Acid-etched and patterned glass

Acid-etched decorative laminated glass solutions are typically treated with acidic materials, more commonly hydrofluoric acid. The acidic material treatment helps to produce a frosted finish in a pattern. The most common example of this decorative laminated glass type is bird-friendly glasses.

Acid-etched and patterned glass is commonly used in wall coverings, dividing walls, office enclosures, office partitions, bath and shower enclosures, stairs, doors, railings, and floors. However, the key exterior applications of acid-etched and pattern glass solutions include skylights, spandrels, atriums, doors, and canopies.

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