Is Laminated Glass a Safety Glass

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When working on a construction project and you need glass, there are two main types: laminated glass with interlayer film or toughened glass. While both seem very similar in appearance, the experience varies hugely, especially from the safety perspective. So, if you want to use laminated glass, learn about its safety first.

Top 7 reasons to choose laminated glass interlayer film due to its safety.

Here are the top 7 reasons why laminated glass interlayer film is a good choice as the safety glass for your next project.

1. Protection against injury

The first thought about glass is what happens when it breaks. When regular glass breaks, it turns into sharp and long parts that can easily cause critical injuries. That’s not the case with laminated glass interlayer film since when it takes an impact, the pieces stay intact with the interlayer film. Hence, the chances of a critical injury significantly decrease.

2. Better security

Laminated glass is made from multiple sheets of interlayers and glass. So, whenever someone tries to break in by smashing the glass, they won't be able to break the glass. Most things used to hit this glass can't go past the glass, which means the best protection you can get from a glass.

3. Noise protection

If you want to prevent external or internal noise from passing through, using laminated glass will be your best choice. Because this glass type can reduce the sound frequencies passing through it, it brings noise protection safety for you.

4. UV protection

A major concern about having exterior wall panels made of glass is the impact of UV rays. UV rays can impact the flooring, paint, and furniture, shortening their life. However, the laminated glass is made with chemicals that absorb UV rays, so a better UV protection experience exists.

5. Energy wastage safety

If you want complete safety for your building, then you must plan it with efficient energy utilization. The laminated glass can save energy for you with its thermal properties. It can protect heat from coming out of your building or going inside. Hence, your HVAC system will stay energy efficient in all cases, and you will save on power bills.

6. Initial cost savings

Laminated glass is budget friendly from the first day since installing it is easy. Drilling, notching, and cutting it is easy while maintaining strength and other benefits. So, when installing it, the laminated glass won’t break the bank.

7. Long-term safety

You get to enjoy long-term safety with the laminated glass since it stays durable for a long time. It is easy to clean and cheap to maintain, and the color and strength stay the same after years of usage. So, it keeps your investment safe for a long time.

Learn more about different applications of laminated glass interlayer film

Laminated glass with interlayer film has applications in different construction projects and other fields of life. So, if you are also looking for the right type of safety glass, Contact us to know about laminated glass from our professionals to check if it makes the right choice for you or not.


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