Should You Choose Laminated Glass or Toughened Glass?

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Laminated and toughened glass are mostly used to offer protection in case the glass breaks, but they have their differences. You might be confused about which option is better: laminated glass or toughened. People sometimes confuse laminated glass with toughened glass, but both are different types of glass with different features.

Laminated glass vs. toughened glass

Both laminated and toughened glass is known for safety and are better than traditional standard glass. Let’s talk about a few differences between laminated and toughened glass so you can decide which is a better option.

Laminated glass doesn’t shatter

It is durable, and it is not easy to break them. In any case, if it breaks, it will stay in its place. It will only get cracked, but it will not shatter into million tiny sharp pieces. Therefore, you will have better safety with it. So, it would be a better option to keep the safety aspect in mind. For windows and doors, you can get it.

On the contrary, if we talk about toughened glass, it is also durable and doesn’t break easily. It will break into hundreds of tiny sharp pieces if it breaks. Now you can imagine if, in any case, you get in contact with a toughened glass, how much it can hurt you. So, this point goes to the laminated glass, so it doesn’t shatter.

Laminated glass

Toughened glass has got more resistance

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, means it is 5 times stronger glass as compared to traditional glass. It gets its strength from the tempering process. The tempering process consists of glass tempering, heating it, then instantly cooling it. Therefore, the toughened glass will have far higher breakage and load resistance after the tempering process. You will have to strike harder if you want to break the toughened glass.

On the other hand, if we talk about laminated glass, if you break it, it will not shatter, and it will protect the interior of your building against heat and UV rays. Breaking it is not easy, and it will take a lot of strength to break it. If you compare both, then toughened glass has more resistance.

This point goes in favor of toughened glass, but if you break it, it will shatter badly. From a resistance point of view, toughened glass has more strength than laminated.

Which option is better?

It is quite clear that laminated is a better option than toughened glass because it is more durable and won’t shatter even if it breaks. Toughened glass is a durable option, but it will shatter into million tiny sharp pieces. For your safety and durability, you must go for laminated. It is also an Eco-friendly glass option.

Doubtlessly toughened glass has more strength and resistance, but still, it is not an ideal option to consider because once it breaks, it will cause deadly damage. It would be wise to keep your safety in mind while making the decision.

Find the perfect glass options for your usage.

Between the laminated glass and toughened glass comparison, going for the right one is important. So, if you are working on a real-estate project, get laminated for its obvious benefits.


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