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Share W hotel cooperation cases

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W Hotel is a global modern luxury and fashionable lifestyle brand under Starwood. Its official positioning is "Lifestye" brand, which is generally classified as a large-scale Boutique hotel route in the industry. Inspired, trendy and bold, W Hotel has a profound influence in the industry, providing guests with the ultimate experience.

Share W hotel cooperation cases

Don't want to live in history?

W Hotel opened in August 2018 must be a fashionable hotel in Xi'an. The modern appearance and the lobby with nightclub style make this W hotel, which has just opened for less than two months, the hottest hotel in Xi'an.

Share W hotel cooperation cases

Share W hotel cooperation cases

This is the seventh W hotel in China and the largest W hotel in Asia.

The interior design of the hotel is meticulously created by Hong Kong AB Concept, which adopts arc or irregular glass chandeliers and wall design, supplemented by metal ornaments. The whole space is full of science and technology. With blue, red and purple lights, light and shadow collide here through the concave and convex refraction of the environment, forming a dazzling sense of self shock. Once entering the lobby, the dark lights and dynamic music make people think they have been in the nightclub to revel.

Share W hotel cooperation cases

The hotel has 385 guest rooms and suites, which are divided into amazing lake view guest rooms, wonderful lake view guest rooms and exquisite suites, amazing suites, wonderful suites, wind and cloud suites, and imperial suites, all of which have an area of more than 63 square meters and are equipped with landscape balconies. Looking out from the balcony, you can see the scenery of Qujiang Pass. The place near the balcony is like a bathtub. Guests can enjoy the pleasant lake layer of Qujiang while taking a bath.

Switching effect of intelligent dimming glass

Share W hotel cooperation cases

Share W hotel cooperation cases

When using dimming glass as bathroom partition instead of shower curtain in the shower room of high-end hotels, units and families, you can make it transparent or opaque through electric control switch according to different needs, which not only ensures personal privacy, but also adds more interest to life.

Intelligent dimming glass is suitable for the following hotel areas:

  • shower room
  • Partition between sleeping area and activity area
  • lobby
  • Spa
  • gym
  • Conference hall
  • Retail store facade
  • Business Centre
  • Glass ladder
  • Skylight and atrium



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