Zigong Phoenix Neighborhood Project

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The glass building is one of the representatives of modern architecture. Its elegant and efficient architectural style has become the landmark of many cities. First of all, the glass building is exquisite in appearance, full of the sense of the times and modern atmosphere, making people enjoy the beauty in the urban vision. Secondly, the glass building uses a large number of glass and metal structures with excellent durability and shockproof performance, which is particularly important in the earthquake-prone areas of large cities. In addition, a large number of windows in the glass building can fully obtain natural light indoors, which is conducive to the health and office efficiency of employees. Finally, the glass building has perfect facilities and strong comfort. It is equipped with advanced ventilation system and many modern property management services, making staff work more pleasant and comfortable. To sum up, the glass building is a modern building with both rationality and beauty, and is one of the outstanding landmark buildings in the city.

Product configuration

12+MG ionic membrane 1.52+12 double steel lamination

8 ultra-white double-silver LOW-E+12AR+8 ultra-white hyperbolic hollow

8 ultra-white double-silver LOW-E+12AR+8 ultra-white curved steel hollow







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