Great Exhibition Review | Successful Conclusion, Continuing Excitement, E&N Looks Forward to Meeting You Again!

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From April 7th to 9th, 2023,  E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 29th Aluminum Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls Exhibition held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou, China. This exhibition brought together well-known brands and professional buyers from across the country to showcase the latest technology and products in the industry. The exhibit was extensive and diverse, featuring many innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly products, including aluminum alloy doors and windows, curtain walls, ceramic curtain walls, glass, films, energy-saving doors and windows, and smart doors and windows.

As a professional manufacturer specializing in ionoplast interlayer film R&D and production for 15 years, E&N positions its products in the high-end market and sells them globally, including Europe and North America. E&N is known for its commitment to technological innovation and is the first in its industry to establish a research center and a temperature-controlled and dust-free workshop. It leads the industry with its R&D and manufacturing process technologies, creating products such as the Yusha white category of EVA interlayer film, SEG high-strength waterproof interlayer film, and ionoplast interlayer film (commonly known as SGP), which are all aligned with world-class standards. E&N stood out at the exhibition with its high-end ionoplast interlayer film, which piqued the interest of many customers.

Looking back, we can still hear the bustling crowds and see the continuous flow of visitors at the exhibition. The engaging and exciting moments of communication and negotiation during the exhibition are worth reminiscing. At E&N’s booth, customers from all over the country flocked to the exhibit area, making it a busy hub of activity. Our sales team efficiently handled the inquiries and was always ready to provide professional service. E&N’s employees demonstrated their professionalism and dedication in serving customers, earning widespread recognition from clients across various industries.

During the exhibition, the displayed products and promotional materials attracted many architects and design professionals who stopped by to inquire and browse. E&N’s staffs warmly and patiently answered all questions, creating a bustling environment at the exhibit area.

Let's look back at some of the exciting moments at the E&N’s booth!

On the afternoon of April 9th, 2023, the 29th Aluminum Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls Exhibition, which included E&N, successfully concluded. The end of this event marks the beginning of a new journey, and we look forward to meeting you again soon!



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