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Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the Foshan region, focusing on the laminated safety glass intermediate film industry for 15 years. Its products are best-selling in China, Europe, North America, and other parts of the world; E&N Company adheres to technological innovation and is a manufacturing enterprise with a technology research center and a constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free purification production workshop. R&D and production technology are leading the industry, creating products such as outdoor cross-linked EVA intermediate film, EVA intermediate film for dimming glass, jade white EVA intermediate film category, EVA optical adhesive, SEG high-strength waterproof intermediate film, and ionic intermediate film (commonly known as SGP). The products and technology keep pace with the world's advanced level.

"E&N Ionic intermediate membraneMG "is a high-end brand under Yien Company, which combines the unique charm and strength of E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd

Expert in customizing high-end glass ionic intermediate membranes

  • The factory currently has ten automated production equipment
  • Newly built 10000 level, 1000 level to local 100 level constant temperature and humidity purification and dust-free production workshops
  • Improve the laboratory and complete experimental equipment
  • Innovative R&D technology talent team
  • A comprehensive service system

Our mission vision is "E&N can be seen in every corner where there is laminated glass, and we guard the life around every piece of glass like a patron saint." We are committed to integrating quality and safety into every inch of products, ensuring the life safety of every user, so that they can feel our sense of responsibility and care.

It is precisely this rich and diverse brand symbolism that sets E&N apart and leads the trend in the industry. We will continue to uphold these values and characteristics, continuously optimize our products and services, create more value for society and customers, and jointly write new chapters.



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