Application of Intelligent Dimming Glass

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Intelligent dimming glass/film is usually used in high-end hotel rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and bathroom doors and windows of residential buildings, hospital sub consulting rooms, company meeting rooms, office space partitions, banks, museum counters, shop windows, etc. It has space permeability, privacy protection, light regulation and security protection. It can not only be combined with laminated glass, insulating glass and fireproof glass, but also can realize the above functions and applications by pasting a light adjusting film on the existing glass.

Smart dimming glass switches between transparent and opaque states to make the space open or closed as you like.

Office and meeting room applications

The office area is inevitably small and stuffy when it is separated by several walls or frosted glass. Transparent glass design is adopted and there is no need for privacy. With dimming glass, you can easily control the glass by gently pressing the remote control, so that the glass can switch between transparent and opaque states, and the space can be opened or closed as you like

Residential and household applications

The intelligent dimming glass/film can switch between transparent and atomized states instantaneously to achieve visual extension of space.

Hotel and bathroom applications

A warm resting place and a place that strives to make people feel "at home" are inseparable from various humanized designs. The novel, beautiful and practical characteristics of intelligent dimming glass have won the favor of star hotel decoration. Its features of "power on transparency and power off frosting" can not only protect privacy, but also achieve space extension and increase guests' living pleasure.

Application in medical/beauty institutions

More privacy and space

Projection touch screen application

Dimming glass can replace the traditional LED screen. When the power is off and the atomization is on, the projection equipment can be cleared to make the glass present a clear image.

180 ° viewing, no image distortion

Replacing expensive LED display screen, saving a lot of useful space

Silent chamber application

The use of the quiet cabin can form a private space in public places. The immersive independent environment is convenient for inspiration creation or conference discussion. It can provide privacy protection while reducing noise and sound insulation.

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