The 2023 annual business planning meeting of E&N Technology was a complete success!

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The 2023 annual business planning meeting of E&N Technology was a complete success!


In 2022, in an environment full of changes, all of our E&N employees have not been hit and frustrated. We will continue to work tirelessly and take a firm and powerful step to welcome the new 2023!

On January 6, 2023, the "2023 Annual Business Planning Meeting" of Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the multimedia room of the office building. The company's leading group, management personnel at all levels and reserve cadres attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Yang Wensheng, vice president of the Marketing Center, explained the theme of the meeting on behalf of the company. From the year 2022, when the review required the management team to "say what you can do, do what you can say, and do what you say!" to 2023, how to "set goals, follow the process, and get results!" Vice President Yang made in-depth explanations at all levels, so that the entire management team could really understand the essence and logical level of this theme.

Later, Vice President Yang reported the operation of the Marketing Center in 2022. In the three years affected by the epidemic, the market demand was weak, the production environment of customers was extremely bad, the trust of funds collapsed, they would rather lose money and collapse than take risks to advance funds, the production capacity among peers was surplus, and the sense of vicious competition was strong In this countless harsh environment, our sales data in 2022 will only decline slightly, and we have survived the difficult 2022! As the leading department of the company, the marketing center will continue to ride the wind and waves in 2023. From the market layout planning to the implementation of strategies and specific measures, the Marketing Center has made a comprehensive plan for the operation in 2023!

Subsequently, we listened to the 2023 annual business planning report of each department of the company. Focusing on the theme of this meeting, "setting goals, following the process and obtaining results", all department heads made a detailed analysis of the achievement and review of the annual performance in 2022 and the department's operational capability, undertook and decomposed the goals issued by the company in 2023, and formulated action plans to ensure the achievement of the department's operational goals in 2023!


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At the end of the meeting, General Manager Yang Shucan fully released the 2023 business plan of EN Technology. Including business policy, business orientation, guiding ideology, etc. President Yang proposed the overall requirements for 2023 to the management team and made every effort to achieve:


  • Firm confidence, seize opportunities, and unswervingly complete the set goals;
  • Further strengthen the implementation of safety responsibilities to ensure safe production throughout the year;
  •  Constantly consolidate and expand marketing achievements, adopt more flexible marketing strategies, and ensure the market and benefits;
  •  Further strengthen internal management and improve control ability;
  •  Continue to strengthen the construction of talent team to meet the needs of professional management;
  • Create an efficient company and realize digital system management.

The past achievements have nurtured new hopes, which will inspire us to continue to create new glories. We will be more enthusiastic, more ambitious, more pragmatic style, under the correct leadership of the decision-making level, with the joint efforts of all management cadres, we E&N will be able to seize the momentum, and the future of Ian will be more brilliant!

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