Did you find out? Why do all bathrooms use transparent glass when staying in hotels?

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When we travel outside, travel on business, or stay in a hotel temporarily, we will carefully find that most hotel bathrooms are all glass partition, and you can see the bathroom panorama at a glance when lying on the bed. It would be very awkward to live with friends and colleagues. Do you have the same question?

Imagine that you and your friends are playing games in the hotel and suddenly want to go to the toilet to take a dump. When you are in the toilet and your friends look at each other through the super transparent glass... Do you think the hotel design is incredible now!

Is it the hotel that wants to embarrass us?

First of all, we must rule out the option that the hotel wants to see us embarrass. Then, through the relevant information I found, we found that there are so many uses. If you are curious, let's have a look!

1、 Transparent bathroom can make the room look larger

This really makes the room feel more spatial. Let's ignore the 14cm space occupied by brick wall partitions. As far as the hotel area is concerned, the average hotel is only a dozen square meters. In addition to the bed space, the living room space and bathroom space must be increased. If you replace the glass partition with wall tiles, the area of more than one bathroom will be reduced visually.

In order to add so much space to the vision.Usually, the glass is the same as the mirror reaction in our elevator. Through the reflection of light, the room is magnified visually to make the space more transparent. And the general bathroom will not have windows, and the light brought by the glass partition will not look too depressing.

2、 Increased sense of sophistication

When we look at the building outside, the building with glass curtain wall looks more advanced than the residential building. The same principle applies to hotels.

Like using large pieces of glass in the bathroom, it will also make the room look more beautiful, advanced and unique.

3、 Increase security

When we take a bath in the hotel bathroom, we can see the scene of the room. When someone comes in and steals, he also gives himself reaction time and can call the police.

If an accident occurs in the bathroom, the companion can also find it in time and carry out rescue.

Of course, in addition to being considerate of guests, it is also convenient for the hotel to do so, because glass is simply a "perfect choice" in the hotel decoration.

The reasons are as follows.

First, it is low cost. Think about how much it costs to add a wall, paste tiles, add labor and accessories, and how much it costs to paste a few pieces of glass, not to mention the whole hotel, which is a huge profit!

Secondly, it can help the hotel save money. This is because many guests have no habit of turning off the lights after using the bathroom. However, if the bathroom of the hotel is glass partition, the light is always on, which will inevitably affect the sleep of the guests, so that the guests can be urged to turn off the light in time. I have to say, it is really painful for me, a person who is forgetful but can't see the light when sleeping!

Transparent glass is also easy to clean. As I said before, the bathroom usually has no windows, so it is lit by lights, but sometimes the lights have dead corners, and the hotel cleaning staff can't see clearly. But with transparent glass design, you can see where it is dirty at a glance. Moreover, cement walls are easy to absorb moisture, breed bacteria, and are not easy to clean, but glass is not easy to retain moisture, on the contrary, it is easy to clean.

It was said that the hotel was afraid of burglary. If it was blocked by glass, it could be seen clearly. In addition, if there is a live game on TV, you can watch TV while taking a bath. However, there is a high requirement for the transparency of the glass.

Of course, in order to avoid the embarrassment caused by transparent glass, most hotels now install curtains in their bathrooms, or some hotels are relatively rich and will use electro-optical glass (also known as smart glass). As long as you press the privacy button, the glass can be turned into an opaque state, which is very convenient.

In general, the advantages of transparent glass in hotels outweigh the disadvantages.

What do you think?

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