Glass that can change transparency gives you a new visual effect!

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What is "Dimming Glass"? As the name implies: glass with adjustable luminosity and transparency. Some people will say, what kind of materials can create this effect? According to experts, dimming glass is a technological innovation product. What is its design principle? Let's have a look.

Design principle of dimming glass: optical characteristics of liquid crystal.

Generally, if you want to block light indoors, you usually think of curtains and shutters directly. But now consumers have another choice. The innovative "dimming glass" technology (also known as plasma glass, technology film glass, liquid crystal glass, color changing glass, etc.) is usually transparent glass. When users need privacy or light blocking, residents can adjust the transparency of the glass at will. It sounds amazing. In fact, this is an innovative product after the combination of electronic technology and glass technology. It allows the liquid crystal material to attach to the film and the smart film to attach to the glass. As long as the user controls the power on through the remote control, the glass can instantly appear opaque white fog, semi transparent, and fully transparent, replacing the use of ordinary roller shutters.

The magic light adjusting glass is based on the optical properties of liquid crystal; When the technology film is set to OFF, the power is off, and the liquid crystal molecules are irregularly distributed. At this time, the glass is opaque, milky white, with high internal and external privacy. In addition, the light adjusting glass has insulation and reflection effects on light and heat energy, and can block more than 90% of the infrared lines and ultraviolet rays, which can not only reduce the indoor temperature in summer, but also reduce the burden of ultraviolet rays on the eyes. If the remote control is set to ON and powered on, the liquid crystal molecules will be aligned in a transparent state. In addition, the change of the current strength controls the transparency of the dimming glass, that is, the user can also freely change the transparency of the glass, which is an effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary roller shutters.

In addition, dimming glass has many additional advantages. For example, the glass surface is treated with unique hardening, which is abrasion resistant and scratch resistant. And the coating technology makes the dimming glass have the effect of antifouling and fingerprint resistance, which is cleaner for residents.


To sum up, compared with ordinary glass, dimming glass has more innovative design concept and high ornamental value. At the same time, it has more functions. For example, the curtain can be replaced by the daytime to shade the sun, and the night scene can be viewed transparently at night. The transition between transparency and opacity makes life more fun.


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