How Does PDLC Smart Film Protect Your Privacy

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The PDLC (Dispersed Polymeric Liquid Crystal) smart film; when receiving an electric current, its particles are ordered and the sheet becomes transparent.

All this happens in a few tenths of a second, with a single click. Smart Film, being a very dynamic product, with an installation without work and extraordinary results, is in great demand and has many applications in different sectors such as shopping centers, offices, homes, etc. Let's talk about the ability of our PDLC smart film to give you privacy.

How Does PDLC Smart Film Protect your Privacy

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) smart film is a type of switchable glass technology that can change from transparent to opaque with the application of an electric current. This film can be applied to windows, doors, and other glass surfaces, and when the film is in opaque mode, it can protect your privacy by blocking the view of people outside.

When the PDLC smart film is turned off, it appears clear and allows light to pass through, and people can see through the glass from both sides. However, when the film is turned on, the liquid crystal molecules inside the film realign to form a non-transparent pattern, causing the film to become opaque and blocking the view from both sides.

This switchable feature of the PDLC smart film allows you to control your privacy by turning it on or off as needed. For example, if you want to have a private meeting, you can turn on the film, and the glass will become opaque, preventing anyone from seeing inside the room. When the meeting is over, you can turn off the film, and the glass will become transparent again, allowing light to pass through.

Overall, PDLC smart film is an effective privacy solution that can help you control your space's visibility and enhance your privacy without having to install curtains or blinds.

PDLC Smart Film

Applications of PDLC smart film

1. Shop windows

Smart film is an ideal product for shop windows. It is a very dynamic solution for any space. Compared to other solutions such as video walls, the smart film is removable, invisible, and much cheaper.

2. Offices and Meeting Rooms

Smart Film is a trend in offices. This technology allows you to opaque the windows of the rooms when you are in a meeting, visually isolate offices when you want privacy or separate rooms from different departments.

3. Intimate environments in homes

PDLC smart film makes it possible to create different environments in homes. In addition, it is possible to use various colors from our range.

4. Privacy in Bathrooms and Toilets

PDLC smart film is widely used in hotels, restaurants, locker rooms, gyms, and other places where the intimacy and privacy of its customers are important.

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