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We are pleased to announce that our company has shipped many batches of products! These products are the result of our continuous efforts and research and development. After many experiments and improvements, they have reached the high quality standards we have been pursuing.

The products shipped this time include all kinds of large glass and ionic intermediate film in glass, involving many fields. Among them, our high-quality film ionic intermediate film and glass products will bring unprecedented convenience and safety experience to your life, so that you are no longer subject to the traditional home building and installation methods. Our ionic intermediate film and glass, with its excellent performance and professional application scenarios, provide you with better work and entertainment experience.

For this shipment, we are particularly committed to the rapid response and timely delivery of orders to ensure that you can receive your products as soon as possible. Our shipment process has been optimized and verified through many practices to ensure that your order can be delivered timely and accurately.

We will continue to adhere to the "customer centric" business philosophy, constantly improve and improve product quality and service level, and provide customers with a better shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by our new products.


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