Innovative Application of EVA Film in Glass Processing

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EVA film is a high viscosity film material made from polymer resin (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) as the main raw material, added with special additives, and processed by special equipment. With the continuous research and development of EVA film, it has become increasingly mature, and domestic EVA film has also shifted from import to export.

Many people believe that EVA film can only be used for indoor decoration. Our company has successfully applied for CCC certification, which indicates that EVA film meets the national requirements for outdoor engineering glass in terms of strength, transparency, and adhesion, thus breaking the claim that PVB is the only dry consumables used in outdoor engineering in China.

Application of EVA film in outdoor engineering:

The national standard for laminated glass, which was officially released in March 2010 and formulated in March 2009, stipulates that PVB film must be used for automotive glass, and PVB and EVA films can be used for building laminated glass, such as balcony guardrails, daylighting roofs, commercial windows, glass curtain walls, etc. EVA has better light resistance, hydrophobicity, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and noise resistance than PVB. In addition, it is easy to store, simple to process, easy to operate, and has lower costs. Many enterprises prefer EVA. Everyone in the industry knows that when making curved laminated glass in the autoclave, silica gel strips are used for pre vacuumizing. In order to save costs, some enterprises use disposable plastic bags for pre vacuumizing, and then enter the autoclave, which is very cumbersome and costly. But EVA laminating furnace can solve this problem: the arc laminated glass can be put into the furnace for preloading, and then into the autoclave. Now, with the development of technology, our company has developed a curved laminated glass equipment that can be formed in one go, greatly saving time and cost.

Application of EVA film on decorative glass:

Art glass such as silk cloth, photo paper, and single-layer reinforcement must be made with EVA film, especially for newly produced art glass with physical objects in the middle, such as real flowers and reed grass. Nowadays, high-end art glass with physical objects is mainly exported.

Application of EVA film on new energy glass:

The application of EVA film in new energy mainly manifests in solar photovoltaic panels, conductive glass, dimming glass, etc. The production of solar photovoltaic panels is made by combining silicon crystal boards and circuit boards with EVA film, usually using a laminating machine; Traditional conductive glass can be made to have conductive properties by coating a layer of conductive film (ITO film) on the surface of ordinary glass. Nowadays, conductive glass is made of laminated glass made of EVA film and conductive film, and some glass even has LED sandwiched in the middle, which is more beautiful and elegant. Dimming glass is a new type of special optoelectronic glass product that sandwiches liquid crystal film and EVA film between two layers of glass, and then undergoes a certain temperature and pressure bonding to form a sandwich structure. Nowadays, new energy glass made from EVA film has been widely used in both commercial and public places as well as residential homes.

The contribution of EVA film in industrial glass:

Nowadays, the glass of refrigerator doors and the panel of washing machines are mostly made of tempered glass with a thickness of about 3.2mm and special materials that are sandwiched together using EVA film at high temperatures, which is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

In order to meet the needs of more customers, the research and development efforts on EVA film are also increasing. It is believed that in the near future, EVA film will also have new breakthroughs in automotive, aviation, and ship glass.


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