Sharing laminated glass architecture - art has multiple possibilities

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Project Introduction

The shaped roof consists of 5 domes, 2 cooling towers, green plant walls, and a single layer double layer grid shell on the periphery. The roof structure has a large span, with a maximum span of 80 meters for the dome lattice shell roof and a maximum point of 44.5 meters for the roof. The roof structure of the project is complex, the construction of the dome is difficult, and the construction technology requirements are high. In the process of steel structure construction, in view of the key and difficult construction points such as large steel structures, China Construction First Engineering Bureau organically cooperated with the total station and the paying off robot, used Midas to carry out construction analysis and simulation calculation on the steel grid, jig frame and lifting frame, and used the construction method of "sectional lifting+hydraulic lifting" to hoist the steel structures, ensuring that the hoisting task of nearly 40000 tons of steel structures was completed on time.

The project staff carried out professional construction on the construction site, including roof grid, facade curtain wall, mechanical and electrical installation, and indoor decoration, in a hot and lively manner. After the completion of the project, a new landmark will be added to the duty-free shopping map of Hainan, echoing the north and south of Sanya International Duty Free City, and assisting Hainan in building an international tourism consumption center.

The overall architecture and landscape blend and coexist, with metal panels and glass curtain walls forming a natural and elegant curve, showcasing the transparent beauty of the building while also providing necessary natural light for the interior.



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