Introduction to SGP Films

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What is the chemical composition of SGP film?

SGP film is a laminated glass ionomer interlayer film. At a low deformation rate, SGP laminated glass exhibits elastic-plastic properties while PVB is super-elastic-plastic, while at high deformation rate, PVB hardens and becomes elastic-plastic properties, and SGP has higher rigidity in the entire range. SGP laminated glass has almost the same bending strength as a monolithic glass of the same thickness.

Compared with other interlayer laminated glass, SGP laminated glass has higher strength and rigidity, and can effectively reduce the thickness of the glass, especially beneficial to point-supported glass. Performance tests by H.P.Whitc Laboratories and the National Institute of Standards have shown that laminated glass made of SGP film of the same thickness performs as well as laminated glass made of polycarbonate. SGP film laminated glass has better security performance. For example, laminated glass made of 2.3mm thick SGP film can successfully withstand an explosion of overpressure up to 200kPa (30psi).

Advantages of SGP film

At present, SGP laminated glass is mainly used in building glass. SGP film has greatly expanded the performance of laminated glass beyond the existing technology. The following are the main advantages of SGP film glass:

1. The tear strength of SGP is 5 times that of ordinary PVB, and the hardness is 100 times that of ordinary PVB.

2. The high strength, high transparency, durability, multiple structures and flexible installation of SGP enable it to easily adapt to the latest and most stringent requirements of today's construction market.

3. SGP laminated glass can improve the performance of bulletproof glass and reduce the thickness of laminated glass to a certain extent.

 SGP film glass

Application of SGP laminated glass

SGP film glass is a very commonly used building material. Almost every household has glass. However, glass itself has a big disadvantage, which is easy to break and hurt people. The sgp film overcomes the weakness of ordinary glass. The broken sgp film fragments will still adhere to the film, and the glass surface will still be smooth and intact, which largely avoids personal injury. In addition, the security of sgp film is very strong. It has a strong anti-seismic ability. The interlayer membrane can resist the continuous attack of knives and weapons, and even resist the attack of bullets for a period of time. It can be said that the safety protection performance is very strong.

The superior performance of sgp film has attracted more and more people's attention. In countries such as Europe and the United States, because of its good safety and strong prevention, SGP film has been applied to most buildings. In our country, with the progress of the economy and society, sgp film has also begun to enter our life. In addition to good safety performance, SGP film also has a good sound insulation effect, and it is not easy to accumulate oily smoke. These advantages play an important role in daily life.

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