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On December 12, The Hari Hong Kong, located at 330 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, officially opened. This is the second hotel project under the "The Hari" brand after The Hari London, which opened in August 2016.

This hotel was designed by Tara Bernard, founder of London interior design company Tara Bernard&Partners, who is also the designer of The Hari London.


The Hari Hong Kong, which finally appeared, provided 210 rooms, including 3 suites. Gray marble, neutral texture linen, amber leather, tweed, velvet fabric and other elements are widely used in the hotel. Peacock blue, jewel green, earth tones and other elements are integrated into the hotel.

The open design is widely used in the guest rooms. Even the entry-level standard guest rooms have a double sofa. The cushion made of dark amber at the head of the bed and the green marble in the bathroom are beautiful details.

All the atomized glass products used in the guestroom partition doors are made of the middle layer materials provided by E&N Company, and are decorated with ancient copper profiles, integrating the classical sense and modern technology, providing guests with a more freewheeling stay experience.


For catering, the hotel has prepared Lucciola Restaurant&Bar, an Italian restaurant, and Zoku Restaurant&Terrace, a Japanese Restaurant, as well as an open-air Bar that will open late at night.

At present, the price of The Hari Hong Kong per night starts from HK $1450, and there are opening privileges for reservations between today and March 31, 2021, including HK $700 food and beverage coupons and late check-out (until 3 p.m.) services.



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