Shocked! How can 132mm laminated glass be so transparent?!

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EN · Smart Building has continuously achieved new technological breakthroughs in the application field of building curtain wall laminated glass, creating products with greater bearing capacity, higher safety and more technical practicality. Please follow our rhythm and enter the world of products to appreciate their uniqueness!

The bottom of the glass bridge is made of MG ionic intermediate film, and the waves beneath the high-definition glass are immersive. After the MG ionic intermediate membrane is sandwiched, the safety of the glass is strengthened, which ensures the strength, safety and protection of the laminated glass design, and also has an aesthetic effect.

(Product structure: 12mm ultra white+1.52MG intermediate film+12mm ultra white+1.52MG intermediate film+12mm ultra white)

The guardrails on the left and right sides are made of SEG intermediate membranes, effectively protecting everyone's safety. SEG intermediate film solves the market pain point of uncoating and delaminating on bare edges, and can be applied to bare edge guardrails or near damp seaside glass.

(Product structure: 6mm ultra white+0.76SEG intermediate film+6mm ultra white)

Ionic intermediate membrane iterative upgrade, new product debut

Single 15mm multilayer laminated glass

The images in this article have been compressed and do not represent the final high-definition effect. If you would like to view the original high-definition images, please contact our staff

When high-end customization becomes an exclusive service


Expert in customizing high-end ionic intermediate membranes

On the display cabinet, many high-quality products were displayed, including outdoor cross-linked EVA intermediate film, EVA intermediate film for dimming glass, jade white EVA intermediate film category, EVA optical adhesive, SEG high-strength waterproof intermediate film, and ionic intermediate film (commonly known as SGP). The staff provided professional technical explanations and on-site functional demonstrations, showcasing the highlights of the products to all exhibitors~

Insulated EVA film belongs to customized functional EVA film, which can meet the insulation needs of different occasions, effectively solve energy consumption problems, and thereby improve safety and energy efficiency.

Sunroof glass, applied to high-end brand car skylights, has super strong adhesion, high UV barrier, and adapts to extreme environments.

Customized EVA intermediate film, customized high-end EVA products that meet customer requirements according to their performance application and processing needs.

MG ionic intermediate membrane interlayer enhances the safety of glass and can resist strong natural or human damage. Moreover, it can be used as a structural component, maintaining its structure after crushing, and can also bear the weight of multiple people.

With the rapid development of technology, our products have been continuously striving for excellence to meet your growing needs. These products have unprecedented high safety, transparency, and high efficiency, which is our company's best interpretation of technological breakthroughs and innovation.


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