There are almost no protective measures under the glass plank road. If the glass is broken, what should tourists do?

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With the development of tourism, more and more tourism projects are available for tourists to experience, such as skiing, cableway riding, and the glass plank road that has been very hot in the past few years. Almost all scenic spots, regardless of size, need to build a glass plank road, which constantly challenges the height and excitement. Some glass plank roads even use the effect of imitating the broken glass to increase the irritation of the glass plank road. Some tourists are afraid to walk on the glass plank road, I can't help worrying that there are almost no protective measures under the glass plank road. If the glass is broken, what should tourists do?

In our mind, glass has always been fragile. However, the glass on the glass plank road is different from the glass in our daily life. Generally, tempered laminated glass is used. There is no film on the glass gallery, but SGP film is added between the two glasses. SGP film is a sandwich glass ionomer intermediate film with excellent performance. Its tear strength is five times that of ordinary PVB film, and its hardness is 30-100 times that of PVB film. At low deformation rate, SGP laminated glass shows elastoplastic properties, while at high deformation rate, SGP has strong rigidity. SGP laminated glass and single glass with the same thickness almost have the same bending strength. Compared with other interlayer laminated glass, SGP laminated glass has higher strength performance and rigidity, which can effectively reduce the glass thickness, especially beneficial to point supporting glass. The performance test shows that the laminated glass made of SGP film with the same thickness has the same performance as the laminated glass made of polycarbonate, and SGP has better security performance. For safety, SGP film will be added in the middle of the glass plank road. If the film is applied, the light transmittance of the glass will be affected. Even if the glass is broken due to external force, it will not be broken into slag like ordinary glass, but will stick together, and people can still stand on it.

Just like the Baishi Mountain Glass Plank Road, which was the first attempt to build a glass plank road, it is not only the widest and highest glass plank road in China, but also the safest glass plank road in China, with a total length of 95 meters, a width of 2 meters, and a maximum elevation of 1900 meters. The glass plank road is of concrete frame structure. The 3.2cm double layer Jiajia glass is combined with the stainless steel keel frame. The bearing capacity of each square meter can reach 1000 kg. Tourists can not only walk in the sky with white clouds, but also feel relieved.

Although all the glass plank roads in each scenic spot claim to be safe, the relevant departments still have formulated relevant policies for the glass plank roads. From site selection to construction and completion, special personnel are responsible for the process, and even stopped the construction of these high-altitude projects. After all, to give tourists a good experience is on the one hand, and more importantly, to ensure the safety of tourists. Besides, many tourists are afraid of heights and dare not step on the glass plank roads.

Although the toughened laminated glass used in the glass trestle way is highly safe, there are also many points that need attention. For example, glass cannot be cut at will. Cutting of shaped glass will cause glass breakage, which will reduce the safety. The edges of glass cannot be knocked with hard objects. In addition, the staff of the scenic spot should often check the glass of the glass trestle way to keep the glass in a high stable state at any time. The longest glass bridge in the world will also be checked frequently.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the scenic area has also considered many protective measures when building the glass plank road, and has high requirements for glass.

Today, the world's longest overhanging glass corridor is located in Chongqing Dream Wansheng Aotao Theme Park in China. The covered bridge is located on a cliff 300 meters high, like 69,9 meters above the cliff. The entire bridge deck is paved with transparent glass, which is more than three times longer than the famous glass corridor in the sky of the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States. It really scares people to cry. The scenery on the bridge is also rare. If you have the courage, you'd better go and challenge.

Although the scenery of the glass plank road is unique and super exciting, you should still choose according to your own physical condition. If you are afraid of heights, you should not challenge easily, otherwise you will not only not enjoy the beautiful scenery, but may have some uncomfortable experiences. If you like excitement and are willing to challenge yourself, you can try the feeling of overlooking the mountains from high above. I believe there will be a different feeling.

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