This time we share our company's cooperation case: Shenzhen Bay Renaissance Hotel

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This time we share our company's cooperation case: Shenzhen Bay Renaissance Hotel

Shenzhen Bay Renaissance Hotel is located in the core area of Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park. It boasts the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen Bay. Marriott Group's Renaissance hotel brand has more than 160 hotels in 35 countries around the world.

The overall design of this hotel is simple without losing its atmosphere, integrating many innovations, and also reflecting the unique charm of Shenzhen, a city of innovation. From the water element outside the hotel, it will be found that this is not only a hotel, but also an exhibition of works of art.

Adhering to the brand concept of "Discover This Way", Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel has created "unexpected" surprises and inspirational exploration trips for every visitor.

Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel artistically combines the vitality and diversity of Shenzhen with the coastal beauty. The interior design is conducted by CL3 Silian Architecture, a famous design company in Hong Kong. The inspiration of the overall design concept is derived from the deconstruction of the word "Shenzhen". The four natural elements of "water, wood, soil, and Sichuan" are superimposed and integrated with the concept of fashion. The beauty of the four elements is presented through modern scientific and technological means. The arrival floor on the first floor of the hotel shows the aesthetic space for guests with an open welcoming attitude. The metal bamboo forest art of "wood element" has a sense of flowing lines, It seems that every guest will be brought into a quiet and poetic world in an instant, so that urban people who are eager to relax will follow the natural footsteps to find a life of "infinite possibilities".

Wanli Hotel Shenzhen Bay "lives high", with 293 unique guest rooms and suites. The guest rooms focus on simple and elegant colors, implementing the modern simple and layered design style. The taste is reflected in the handling of details, and the ingenuity is reflected in each guest's "touch and vision". The marble tea table with high texture and comfortable leather leisure chair form a contrast collision of hardness and softness; The light grey sofa and cute tiger pillow make the overall relaxing space burst with vitality; The super comfortable high count yarn bedding allows the guests to receive gentle care for their body and heart.

The most eye-catching thing is that the panoramic French window creates an incomparable immersive viewing experience, which brings the spring flowers, autumn moon, summer rain and winter thunder in Shenzhen Bay into your eyes. Standing in any corner of the room, you can enjoy the prosperous and bright scenery or the lively seascape and mountain scenery. Bathrooms and washrooms are reasonably planned to achieve dry and wet isolation. The atomized bathroom glass is hidden and impermeable, which creates a illusion of light and shadow in the space. Time is no longer in a hurry here. You can enjoy the dim night scene of Shenzhen Bay by lying in the bathtub. Isn't this just a unique harbor in the fast-paced urban life, which truly enables guests to enjoy a comfortable and livable high-quality life.

Wanli Hotel Shenzhen Bay has four restaurants and bars with different styles, offering guests a wide range of food choices.

In addition, the supporting facilities of the hotel are also advanced and complete. On the 45th floor of the hotel, there is an indoor thermostatic swimming pool with a fashionable tent. A pool of blue water makes people linger. Through the huge French windows, the bright city is spread out in front of us, which is dazzlingly beautiful. The "water" element is vividly displayed here. When swimming, when the sun falls, the water surface arouses sparkling light, and the body and mind can be completely relaxed in the whirling of light and shadow; The lounge chairs around the swimming pool allow guests to stop and enjoy the comfortable and private space in the bustling city. The gym provides a variety of aerobic fitness equipment to meet the needs of a variety of fitness guests. You can also exercise your muscles when you go out, and maintain your vitality and health at all times.

The highly transparent glass building can really bring people a unique view.

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