Types of Architectural Glass

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Architectural glass is a special glass category used in the construction and architectural industry. There are different types like Laminated Glass, insulated glass, etc. However, when choosing for your needs, selecting according to the core requirements is important.

Best Types Of Architectural Glass

Discussed below are the top 7 types of architectural glass.

Base Glass

The base glass is the most common type of architectural glass. It is made with ornamental glass and annealed float glass. The base glass is made with a hot molten layer discharged into a shallow molten tin bath. This phenomenon creates a flat surface, and rollers make the surface even thin.

Tempered Glass

It is among the most commonly used architectural glass since it comes with 2 and a half times more strength than base glass. While thickness and thermal shock are the same, the structural strength and security are much better. This glass is made by heating standard glass and instantly cooling it.

Heat Strengthened Glass

The heat-strengthened glass is made with a process similar to tempered glass, but there is a slight difference in the cooling process. Due to this difference, this glass breaks into bigger pieces, and the breaking strength is also only 1.5 times over the base glass. It is usually installed in multiple layers for better environmental protection.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

The laminated glass is made with multiple sheets of glass bonded with an interlayer film of the desired material. This layering is done under controlled temperatures, humid environments, and pressure cycles. So, you get strength against blows, hits, cuts, and much more, offering better safety.

Ceramic Frit Class

It is the glass that comes with an enamel pattern on its surface. In fact, that pattern is printed on the glass in any design, which can be dots, stripes, holes, or whatever. The ceramic frit acts as a screen on glass that brings privacy, making it a great option for windows and doors or even partitions.

Body Tinted Glass

It is a type of float or base glass that uses different raw materials with clear glass to add a tint to the glass. Due to the tint, the glass reduces solar radiation transmission and provides better thermal performance for the building. Tinted glass is available in different shades and can also be made in any shade of choice.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is among the best types of architectural glass since it brings great strength and better lower thermal insulation. So, it can be used to cover whole walls of buildings, bringing the strength and insulation needed. This glass is also made with sandwiching technique, but it uses aluminum frames to separate layers of glass and seal material. The whole contraption is sealed and bonded with silicone.

Learn More About Which Type Of Architectural Laminated Glass Meets Your Requirements.

Laminated Glass, industrial glass, tinted glass, and many other types of architectural glass are used for construction requirements. However, each one has a different use case and requirements. So, always select one that meets your specific need for the job.


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