Safety glass protects the hospital and everyone's safety

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This is a case study of our company's cooperation. The glass in the hospital is bright and transparent. Both the construction party and the hospital have given high evaluation to our ionic intermediate film and glass products, and have proposed multiple cooperation. I believe that our strength will conquer customers, choose EN, and enjoy the cooperation.

Using glass as the main building material for hospitals has the following benefits:

The glass guardrail is beautiful and generous, which can create a more comfortable and elegant hospital environment and enhance the overall image of the hospital.

2. The glass material has the characteristics of smoothness, high hardness, easy cleaning, and is not easy to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, which is beneficial to maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital.

3. The transparent glass material can increase the light in the elevator, making the passengers feel brighter and more comfortable.

4. Glass guardrails have the advantages of high strength, good durability, long service life, and are not easily damaged, which can effectively improve the safety performance of elevators.

5. The glass guardrail can be customized according to needs, meeting the special requirements of the hospital, and meeting the needs of different places and styles.


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