What is atomized glass? What are the characteristics and application range of atomized glass

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Features of atomized glass:

1. Transparent power on, opaque power off, free switching, simple and convenient.

2. According to the change of temperature and light outside the window, the light intensity and infrared transmittance can be automatically adjusted by rotating the pressure regulating button to achieve the effect of temperature and light regulation. It has high performance of preventing direct light, environmental protection and keeping healthy.

3. The convenient control mode saves the trouble of installing curtains and cleaning in the future.

4. The double-layer film is glued, with good safety, good quality of safety glass, and strong sound insulation and noise resistance.

5. Control diversification: manual switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control and remote network control can be customized for you according to customer needs.

Scope of application:

1. Business application

Office area, meeting room and monitoring room are isolated. Even a large office area will be small and stuffy if it is separated by several walls or frosted glass. All of the office areas adopt transparent glass design and lack business confidentiality. The monitoring room, meeting room, business negotiation and other office areas can be adjusted to full light and transparent state through intelligent dimming glass. When necessary, the entire area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes by gently pressing the remote controller.

2. Residential application

The interior space is partitioned by dimming glass to improve the space layout, increase the freedom of light adjustment, and ensure the privacy of different areas.

3. Application in medical institutions

Instead of curtains, it has the function of partition and privacy protection. It is solid and safe, sound insulation and impurity elimination. It has the advantages of environmental protection and cleaning, and is not easy to pollute. It removes concerns and psychological pressure for medical workers and patients.

4. Anti theft application in museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and banks

It is used in shop windows, counter bulletproof glass and display case glass of shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores, museums and exhibition halls. It is transparent in normal business applications. In case of emergencies, remote control can be used to achieve a fuzzy state instantly, so that criminals lose their goals and can maximize the safety of people and property.

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