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The SwissTech Convention Center opened in April 2014 and quickly became an important venue for Swiss events. Its unique design and innovative automation technology modules, as well as the building application of renewable energy, make it the "2016 Best Swiss Conference Center".

From the appearance, it looks like a flying paper crane. The cool metal shell looks like it is suspended on the glass facade of the auditorium and lobby, and the natural light can penetrate into the internal space to the greatest extent.

The SwissTech Convention Center is located at the north entrance of the campus of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. It not only has a very modern appearance design, but also houses a modular amphitheater with 3000 seats. It can complete the free transformation from the hall to the exhibition hall to the banquet room in 15 minutes. More importantly, it can be subdivided into smaller units, It is used to hold small-scale activities simultaneously or continuously.

The optimized space brought about by the changing layout can provide an impeccable view, balance the distance between different platforms, and thus define the final form of the building. After some research, the designer finally chose to use the slender diamond shaped anodized aluminum tiles to make the outer skin of the exhibition center shell. The subtle changes in depth enrich the texture characteristics of the shell surface.

In fact, there are very limited opportunities to hold activities for 3000 people in the auditorium every year. Therefore, subdividing space to create optimal space with reasonable proportion according to specific conditions is included in the design outline at the beginning of design. The movable screen can close the terrace above and the flower bed below the terrace. The hydraulic lifting platform and rotary seat support turn the lobby into a flat multi-function room or banquet hall in an instant.

The western facade of the lobby is composed of folded 400 square meters of glass panels and equipped with a revolutionary dye sensitized solar cell (invented by Michael Gr ä tzel, a Swiss chemist at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). The folded glass panel facade can effectively block the strong afternoon sunlight, and the annual power generation is up to 2000 kilowatts.

Multiple glass, multiple colors,

Meet multiple functional requirements,

Maximize space usage

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