2023 New Year's General Meeting of EN Company

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Looking back on 2022, we are in the same boat, overcoming difficulties, and stabilizing the company's performance! Looking forward to 2023, we will smooth the rough road and move forward with cohesion. In the new year, we Yien people continue to forge ahead bravely and build dreams and sail far!

On February 28, 2023, Foshan Yien Film Technology Co., Ltd. held the New Year General Meeting in the company's multimedia room. The conference mainly announced the personnel appointment of the members of the company's operation and management committee and management cadres at all levels in 2023, and the organization teams signed the 2023 target responsibility letter with the company and took the oath to show their determination on the spot!

Mr. Ye Runkang, the deputy general manager of the company, delivered a new year speech; President Ye reviewed the experience and achievements of Yien people in 2022. In terms of corporate culture, the company has continued to enrich and build: annual group worship meeting, factory festival fun sports meeting, basketball game, etc; In terms of management, digital construction is becoming more and more perfect, and various rules and regulations are becoming more and more perfect. Various technical transformation actions have improved our production efficiency. The sales performance in 2022 continues to maintain the growth momentum. President Ye expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by all Ian people in the past year. At the same time, I wish all my colleagues good health and smooth work.

Next, Mr. Yang Shucan, the general manager, made an important speech.


President Yang said: 2022 is an extraordinary year. The company is moving forward under the pressure of the extremely weak economy. However, all the people in Yien have overcome all kinds of difficulties, united and abandoned the ideological burden. Focusing on the strategic decision of the company, and through the joint efforts of all the staff, we have smoothly weathered the difficulties and withstood many tests. In the face of complex problems and puzzles, one after another continues to test the company's tenacity, perseverance and perseverance. Under such strong working pressure, everyone in every department of our company keeps positive and energetic, which is really rare.

Change the disadvantages and strengthen the foundation

"To overcome disadvantages" means to overcome disadvantages and make up for shortcomings and weaknesses, and to form a pragmatic, realistic, responsible, innovative and clean company, which is a source of healthy growth and a source of new life.

"Strengthening the foundation" means practicing internal skills, strengthening the foundation, strengthening the systematic construction, marketing innovation platform construction, improving the matrix management and professional level, and improving the combat effectiveness of all departments.

General Manager Yang said: In 2023, the overall environment and industry ecology will remain severe and complex, and the company will face more challenges. Only through reform and innovation can it survive, and only by strengthening its foundation can it flourish. We will build a refined management model and long-term mechanism with our own characteristics, and make our strengths stronger, advantages better, services better and quality better.

Finally, President Yang wishes all the families a happy family! good health! happy work!

personnel assignment

Personnel appointment of the company's operation and management committee

At the meeting, General Manager Yang Shucan read out the appointment of personnel of the Company's Operation and Management Committee in 2023 and issued the letter of appointment. Yang Wensheng, Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Center, served as the Director of the Operation and Management Committee, and Hong Xiaojiao, Director of the Marketing Center, served as the Deputy Director. Other members are: Yang Shuyong, the director of the factory, Kuang Minchang, the manager of the finance department, Ye Yanjing, the manager of the administrative personnel department, and Ye Jinghong, the manager of the technology department.

Speech by Yang Wensheng, Director of the Operation and Management Committee

Director Yang Wensheng stated the work responsibilities of the operation and management committee, the five elements and four directions of the team work standards. At the same time, Director Yang Wensheng said that in 2023, through the cooperation of team members, he would lead all departments of the company to ensure the completion of the business indicators issued by the company.

Personnel appointment of management cadres at all levels of the company

At the meeting, Yang Wensheng, the director of the operation committee, read out the appointment of the company's management cadres in 2023 and issued the letter of appointment.

Sign the target responsibility letter

Under the leadership of Director Yang Wensheng, the members of the Operation Committee signed the 2023 target responsibility letter with the company

Figure 8: Picture of the target responsibility letter signed by the head of each department and Xiao Yang (Marketing Center, Production and Operation Center, R&D Center, Finance Department, System Management Department, Administration and Personnel Department)

Each team of the company and the operation and management committee signed the 2023 annual target responsibility letter

The swearing ceremony of the appointed cadres in 2023


At the beginning of the new year, let's put everything we have experienced into the past! Whether we have succeeded or failed in the past, let's take off the heavy burden and carry on the battle. In the new year, turning a new page, all expectations and hopes, yearnings and longings are coming to us.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy family again! good health! happy work!


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