Why are the buildings of 4S stores mostly made of oversized glass?

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It is convenient for customers to enjoy the beautiful scenery inside and outside the car store. Especially at night, it makes people feel full of vitality outside the store, while the inside will give people a feeling of luxury and comfort. The use of glass as the exterior design is very conducive to the promotion of the brand image. If combined with appropriate lighting effects, people's attention can be instantly attracted by the luxury car scene in the store, which makes the overall publicity effect more powerful.

The glass curtain wall organically combines architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural structure and other factors. It is not only simple, luxurious, modern, and can reflect the surrounding scenery, with good decorative effect, but also integrates the wall and the window, greatly reducing the self-weight of the building. It has the advantages of light weight, strong decoration and easy installation and construction. The inner side of the outer glass of the curtain wall is coated with colored metal coating. From the appearance, the whole exterior wall looks like a mirror, reflecting the sky and the surrounding environment into it. It has rich facade changes, making the building present different colors from different angles. When the light changes, the image is colorful and changeable, giving people dynamic beauty. As the mirror glass of the exterior wall decoration, the glass curtain wall can absorb infrared rays, reduce the solar radiation entering the room and reduce the indoor temperature. It can not only reflect light like a mirror, but also penetrate light like glass. Under the reflection of light, the room is not exposed to strong light, and the vision is soft.

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