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Since 2008, E&N Film has actively practiced the concept of "quality first, customer first, standardized management, and continuous innovation", with the mission of leading the technical innovation and development of laminated glass intermediate film, to create value for customers, improve efficiency, launch new service measures, optimize service process, upgrade product brand, and provide customers with a "warm" trading service experience.

Deeply cultivate details and build quality

In order to further enhance customers' sense of gain, happiness and security, Foshan Yien actively implemented the systematic sales service of "process based service", and provided customers with considerate and warm services by adding customer demand survey before sales, detailed follow-up process during sales, intimate follow-up customer satisfaction survey after sales, registration of 8D report and other small initiatives.

Optimize process and improve efficiency

In order to meet the needs of customers for safe, fast and efficient communication under the epidemic situation, Foshan E&N focuses on the difficult problems in the customer service link. Through careful screening of films in the inspection process of workshop production, it ensures the good quality of films, adjusts the schedule in real time, optimizes film inspection procedures and other measures, effectively improves the inspection efficiency and improves the service level. At the same time, in terms of logistics, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, logistics transshipment should be adjusted in time so that goods can be sent out smoothly.

Upgrade brand and promote development

Foshan E&N focuses on brand building, "MG ionic intermediate membrane" and "Safeglas ™ EG "" EPD-PL dimming film "and other products have been fully affirmed by customers. In the future, Foshan Yien will continue to optimize and update products, promote service quality and enable high-quality development by promoting brand building and upgrading.

The high-end glass intermediate film customization expert is not a famous name, but proved by solid measures and facts. Foshan E&N will always adhere to the concept of sincere service, take continuous improvement of customer trading experience as the goal, accurately grasp customer needs, continue to provide customers with high-quality, professional, convenient and efficient services, comprehensively promote the construction of high-quality brands, and contribute to Foshan's efforts to build a world-class film brand.


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