ENsafe MG lonoplast Interlayer

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The ENsafe MG lonoplast Interlayer high-strength ionic intermediate membrane is a copolymer of ethylene and methacrylate ions, containing a small amount of metal ions.

Breaking through the foreign monopoly on high-strength safety glass intermediate layer materials has promoted the development of the entire safety laminated glass industry.

It brings strength, safety, and protection guarantees to the design of laminated glass. It helps to ensure the integrity of building curtain walls and can prevent injuries and damage caused by glass falls in the event of natural disasters, terrorist threats, and other events.

It has characteristics such as high strength, high transparency, durability, multiple structures, and flexible installation, making it easy to adapt to the latest and strictest requirements of the current construction market.

The application scope also includes special professional fields, such as bulletproof glass, automotive glass, high-speed trains, and aviation navigation, all of which will benefit from the application of this product.

Specific applications include structural glass components, curtain walls, balconies, stairs, open bare edge interlayers, fixtures, floors, ceilings, point supported structural glass, acquisition systems, inclined spans, and overhead glass

Glass and any glass fragments that need to maintain their remaining load-bearing capacity during fragmentation without falling.


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