Features of intelligent dimming glass

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With the development trend of social economy, the living standard of ordinary people has been continuously improved, and the regulations on the engineering construction furniture industry have also been significantly strengthened. Therefore, at this stage, the requirements for dimming glass are relatively large, and the dimming glass is now widely used. Now some furniture customers are also using dimming glass. What are the characteristics of dimming glass?

1. Efficient dimming

The light blocking index of the glass can be adjusted, and with the standard transformation, the glass can be adjusted to full transparency and incomplete transparency at will, thus ensuring the room temperature: in summer, it can prevent direct sunlight, and in case of incomplete transparency, it can also harm most light sources on the reflective surface; And in winter, it can prevent cold and keep warm, eliminate cold and avoid the release of heat in the room.


2. Reasonable environmental protection and energy conservation

The ordinary sheet glass window door is selected, which is hot and cold overflow type. It consumes a lot of power energy and costs. The installation of light adjusting glass can improve the room temperature, reduce the heating and cooling costs, and reduce the power energy costs for customers. The thermal insulation performance of dimming glass improves the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving of single side glass, and the economic benefits are more significant. Its environmental protection and energy conservation represent the reduction of power generation, coal consumption, emission of carbon dioxide and other vapors, and environmental pollution of the natural environment.

3. Comfort of aspect ratio

The conductive film of dimming glass can adjust the transmission coefficient of light, and also make people feel warm in the room. The light regulating glass conductive film can not only adjust the light transmittance, but also make everyone in the room feel comfortable. Unlike ordinary glass, the appearance of dimming glass can give a comfortable and soft feeling, while ordinary glass gives a cold feeling. Intelligent dimming glass is a kind of comprehensive glass. It generally consists of two pieces of glass. The glass quality of each enterprise's total area is closely combined with the actual effect of the vacuum pump layer. Therefore, its thermal insulation performance is excellent, giving people a calm and comfortable feeling.

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