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Autoclave Autoclave

Autoclave is safety laminated glass processing equipment. Our MG and EG models require autoclave processing.

  • Corresponding size can be customized
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Product Description

Heating system
The heating element uses infrared medium wave radiation tube, heating system according to the actual situation of glass placement and the heat flow characteristics in the sealed environment is divided into upper, middle, lower and bottom four areas, in the process of heating through PLC program automatic temperature control.

The heating element has the following characteristics:
A. Infrared is medium wave with a wavelength of 2.4-2.7 microns.
B. Extraordinary mechanical strength and lifespan, high quartz wall strength, superior mechanical properties, and lamp life of more than 12,000 hours.
C. The infrared spectrum matches the absorption spectrum of the heated glass material, so as to achieve the best combination of fast production speed, short heating time and low energy consumption.


Control system
A. PLC system and touch screen are all made of SIEMENS brand, with and without paper recording, paper recording and storage functions.
B. Low-voltage electronic components adopt Shanghai Schneider brand.
C. Electric heating is realized by solid-state relay.
D. Configure high-power vacuum extraction equipment, install two groups of 48 vacuum interfaces in total, and complete vacuum production of up to 48 pieces of special laminated glass.
E, install Siemens proportional control valve according to the time of cooling.


Video surveillance system
Equipped with video device, can monitor the situation in autoclave at any time, can see the whole project of glass processing, for the improvement of safety performance, has played a great role, for some safety situation timely treatment, brought a reliable guarantee.


Pressurized system
The pressure system is equipped with electromagnetic pneumatic ball valve, large working frequency range, superior temperature resistance, quick opening and closing, good valve sealing performance. Hall pressure transmitter is used for pressure feedback, and the front part of the transmitter is equipped with a stainless steel tube type radiator to avoid the damage of high temperature gas to the pressure signal induction components, ensuring the accuracy of signal collection to the greatest extent.


Cooling system
A. The cooler adopts cold-drawn seamless steel pipe as the base material, and the outer surface is covered with fins through high-frequency welding; Then welding molding and pressure test, this unique cooler heat exchange efficiency, large heat exchange area.
B. Much larger than the cooling area of conventional autoclave inner coolers.



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