Glass Laminated Furnace Glass Laminated Furnace

The principle of the laminating furnace is to use new EVA film to bond two or more pieces of glass together through high-temperature extrusion. The laminated glass has many advantages such as high strength, waterproof, safety and explosion-proof

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Product Description

Types of glass machinery:Glass laminating furnace

Processing customization:yes

Power:Over 48(Kw)

Weight:Over 2900(kg)

Minimum machining size:Customized

Maximum machining size:Customized

Processing thickness range:1-20(mm)

Production line type:Laminated glass

Type of glass produced:Laminated glass, laminated glass, PDLC glass, led laminated, rock plate laminated, mosaic laminated

Specifications:Maximum size 3000*10000(mm)

building galss Laminated Furnace


The laminated glass produced by the glass laminating machine has the following advantages:

1, Four or more groups of high speed and mute air heaters:better temperature uniformity, more transparent laminated glass.

2, Multi-stage heating thermostat system which  can solve the problems of bubbles and water vapor.

3, With the film, it can solve the serious leakage of glue at the edge of laminated glass.

4, Domestic original track design; to make the same size of processed glass, the floor space that our machines require is 40% less than similar products of other manufacturers! Save your rent payments for plant.

5, Double-station circular processing, high effic iency, low energy consumption, high productivity.

6, Insist in continuous improvement in the details, strive to provide best service and establish a good reputation, and there is nothing to worry about the quality and service.

galss Laminated Furnace advantage


The glass laminating equipment that can be produced:

1、LED laminating glass.

2、The construction laminated glass: canopy glass, balcony railing glass, curved laminated glass.

3、Fumiture laminated glass: jewelry counter, TV cabinet table, table tops, marbling laminated glass, one-side toughened glass.

4. Energy-saving glass, soundproof glass for windows and doors ,glass for security doors and windows, laminated glass for windows string course.

5、Family and hotel decorative laminated glass: wired glass, colored laminated glass.

6.Safety laminated glass for shower room.

7、Mosaic laminated glass.

8、Special laminated glass: bullet-proof glass, PDLC glass, solar photovoltaic glass and refrigerator door.

9、Laminated glass for wedding photo, one-side tempered glass for photo.

Application range of glass Laminating Furnace


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