The 14th Anniversary Celebration of E&N Technology was a complete success!

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Fourteen years of prosperous years, fourteen years of hard work! Looking back on the past, we have the solid footprints of our E&N people step by step. Looking forward to the future, E&N's mission is calling us to move forward bravely!

On July 16th, 2022, colorful flags fluttered in the E&N Technology factory area, and the flowers were clustered. The whole company celebrates the 14th anniversary of E&N Technology! At 8:30AM, the celebration kicked off in the company's multimedia room!


The company leaders, Marketing Center Deputy General Manager Mr.Yang Wensheng, Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Ye Runkang and Company General Manager Mr.Yang Shucan delivered speeches for this anniversary kick-off meeting. In the speeches of the leaders, they reviewed the 14years journey of E&N, and affirmed the achievements: no matter in product research and development innovation, technological breakthrough, or brand establishment, gratifying results have been the future, company will strengthen various management through various methods, introduce senior management talents, build a friendly communication platform, and strive to achieve a win-win situation for the interests of the company and employees.

We believe that E&N Company will be able to keep pace with the times and surpass itself. Let us join hands again to meet new opportunities and challenges. Continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and use wisdom and unremitting efforts to create our better future.

6347d91b0fac5Marketing Center Deputy General Manager Mr.Yang Wensheng


Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Ye Runkang


Company General Manager Mr.Yang Shucan

The celebration activities were rich and colorful, and the first shot of the celebration activities started with the "Basketball Competition of Production Department (Team Galaxy) VS Other Departments (Team Beyond Time )"!

At 10:00 AM, with the referee's whistle, the entire court was filled with a tense atmosphere, and the passion of the players was vividly reflected on the basketball court. In the course of the match, all the players went all out to defend and attack actively, and the more they fought, the more courageous they became. Colleagues on the sidelines were also in high spirits, waving flags and cheering for the players from time to time, and the atmosphere was warm. The two sides fought fiercely on the field. A series of actions such as dribbling and shooting were chic and standardized, which won a burst of applause from the front. The final score was 39:33, and the production department (Team Galaxy) won the game with a 6-point advantage.


The celebration’s activities are exciting! At 2:00PM , "fun activity" were carried out in the company's factory area, including table tennis competitions, billiards competitions, and 10 interesting games. This activity uses team battle points and teamwork to show the team spirit of mutual cooperation, mutual support, mutual encouragement, and mutual love of each department and team. The activities were carried out in an orderly manner with everyone's screams and cheers. In the end, the marketing center team (Team Invincible ) was the champion!


Awards ceremony

"E&N in My Eyes" Essay Competition Award

On the occasion of the 14th anniversary, the company launched an essay writing activity with the theme of "E&N in My Eyes", and many employees actively participated in the submission. Although the articles are not imaginative and brilliant, the theme of the article is clear and the text is rich. E&N people have written their true feelings and their actual experience in E&N's working days. The story of growth, love and dedication, love E&N and tell the purest feelings of the heart.


Basketball Competition & Fun Activity Awards


Big Group Photo


"E&N Technology's 14th Anniversary Celebration" ended successfully in the award ceremony!

But the footsteps of the E&N people will not stop for this

Our eyes are always on the way forward, chasing the next ten years, twenty years, one hundred years...


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