What Is the Difference Between Single Glass and Double Glass

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The difference between single glass and double glass is mainly in the following 3 aspects including the difference in thickness, effect and construction. Below we will introduce them to you in detail.

1. Thickness difference

Literally, single glass and double glass refer to single glass and double glass. Therefore, the thickness of single-layer glass and double-layer glass can be seen at a glance. Double-layer glass is obviously thicker than single-layer glass, mainly because double-layer glass is composed of two layers of glass, while single-layer glass has only one structure from top to bottom. If the double glass is separated from the middle, the single layer of the double glass is not as thick as the single layer of glass.

2. Effect difference

When these two materials are used in the same environment, their functions and characteristics, including effects, are greatly different. First of all, the heat insulation and sound insulation effects of the laminated glass are more prominent, mainly because the air component is extracted from the middle, and the butyl rubber component is added, so that the hollow effect plays a role. However, the single-layer glass has no more outstanding heat insulation effect and sound insulation effect, but it has significantly improved the transparency, and even easier to clean.

3. Construction difference

First of all, in the combination and production of glass, it is enough to explain the difference between the two, because double glass is combined and single glass is cut. However, in the process of construction, if independent construction is the main method, the double-layer glass needs to be combined and pasted with butyl glue in the middle, while the single-layer glass can be fixed directly. For example, when constructing on the door frame or window frame, after the single-layer glass is cut, it can be placed at this position and fixed with glass glue, but the double-layer glass can only be installed after the middle vacuum extraction.

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