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Single Curved Glass Single Curved Glass

Single curved glass is a large-scale ultra-transparent glass, where aesthetics and functionality coexist. The case of cooperation is Guiyang China Railway Yunwan Sales Department.

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Product Description

Schematic Diagram of Maximum Processing Size:

Max. dimensions of laminated curved tempered glass(left), Max. Bending radius of laminated glass in Jumbo size(middle), Max. Dimensions of laminated glass(right)  Unit: (mm)


Processing Details:

Composite processing technology

Digital printing glass

Flat and curved tempered glass

Laminated glass

insulating glass

Maximum processing size

Flat laminated glass: 3660 *20000mm, single curved tempered laminated glass: 3660 * 18000mm

Maximum load


Minimum U valuew/m2·℃



Applied for indoors and outdoors,have decorative,safety performance and so on.

Good safety performance, make full use of space,more integrated and aesthetics.

Good safety performance, with shock resistance,anti theft,bulletproof,explosion-proof,sound proof performance, etc.

Energy saving and environmental protection materials with good heat insulation,sound insulation,beauty,applicability,and can reduce the deadweight of buildings.

Our advantages

The two or more pieces glass is bonded together to show a perfect combination of layering.



Product Storge

    First of all, thank you for choosing our company's glass products. For the storage of glass products to be installed, it is recommended that you do the following protection work:
1. The glass must be stacked in a dry room and equipped with rainproof facilities to prevent rainwater from soaking;
2. Avoid storing glass with damp and volatile items (such as acids, alkalis, salts, lime, oils, and alcohol and other chemicals). Note that the glass with the film facing outward should not be used with acids, alkalis, salts, limes, etc. , grease and alcohol and other chemical reagents to wipe the membrane surface;
3. The glass must be kept at an interval and dry to avoid problems such as adsorption, abrasion, edge burst, corner drop or mildew, watermark, rainbow and so on between the glass;
4. The glass should not be moved frequently, and should be properly stored when not in use to avoid unnecessary quality problems;
5. The storage time of glass should not be too long, and it should be used in the order of storage time;
    Please be sure to do a good job in the storage of glass products according to the above suggestions, so as to avoid the quality problems of the glass caused by insufficient protection, which will bring you unexpected losses!


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