"crystal prince" in the glass family - super white glass

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As a special synthetic material, glass has its own unique charm. It is crystal clear, bright and gorgeous, pure and illusory, quiet, cold and full of vitality, and has a unique sense of beauty. Since Mies van der Rohe, Less is more, glass architecture, has gradually entered the modern society.

Wonderful collision between glass and architecture

New Imagination of Modern Architecture

Today we are going to talk about the "crystal prince" in the glass family - super white glass.

Ultra white glass is a kind of ultra transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass and high transparent glass. It is a new type of high-grade glass with high quality and multi-function, and its light transmittance can reach more than 91.5%. It has the characteristics of crystal clear, high-grade and elegant.


Characteristics of super white glass


General glass VS ultra white glass


The visible light transmittance is high, close to nature, restoring the true color of the color, and the permeability is good. The 6mm thick glass has a visible light transmittance of more than 91%, and has crystal like quality, which makes the exhibits more clear and highlights the true original appearance of the exhibits.

Visible light transmittance of typical ordinary white glass and ultra white glass

Low ultraviolet transmittance effectively alleviates fading and aging of indoor articles.

The market is large, the technology content is high, and it has strong profitability. The technology content of ultra white glass is relatively high, and the production control is difficult, and it has strong profitability compared with ordinary glass. The high quality determines its high price. The price of ultra white glass is 1~2 times that of ordinary glass. The cost is not much higher than that of ordinary glass, but the technical barrier is relatively high, with high added value.


Category | Technic


• Solar ultra white calendered glass

Solar ultra white calendered glass component can absorb the radiant heat of solar energy to the maximum extent and greatly improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells.

At the same time, this glass can resist the radiation of solar ultraviolet light, and the transmittance does not decline, which can effectively extend the service life of the cover glass. The alkali resistance, mold resistance and anti-aging performance in various environments are all enhanced compared with ordinary flat ultra white glass, making the cover glass of solar energy battery module more conducive to protecting the silicon crystal plate below from external damage with its own strength and durable.

• Ultra white transparent flat glass

Ultra white transparent plate glass is a new type of transparent plate glass product developed and manufactured. It is a plate glass with extremely low iron compound content produced through the melting and forming process of plate glass by using high-tech means to effectively reduce iron oxide in the process of raw material optimization and processing.

The ultra white transparent flat glass has the appearance characteristics similar to the colorless crystal. No matter from the front or from the side, it does not have the green visual effect like the ordinary flat glass. At the same time, it has higher visible light transmittance and transparency than the ordinary transparent flat glass.

technological process

Ultra white glass can be processed like other float glass, such as tempering, bending, gluing, hollow assembly, etc. The superior visual performance of ultra white glass will greatly improve the function and decorative effect of these processed glass. Therefore, ultra white glass has a wide range of applications and broad market prospects.

• Solar ultra white calendered glass process

Original sheet production: batching, melting, clarification, pressing, annealing, cutting, semi-finished product inspection, semi-finished product packaging, semi-finished product warehouse.

Finish machining: semi-finished products finish cutting, grinding, cleaning, continuous tempering, finished products inspection, product packaging, product warehouse.

• Process flow of ultra white float glass

Original sheet production: batching, melting, clarifying, tin bath, annealing defect detection, slitting, crosscutting, glass original plate warehousing.

Coating: clean the glass original piece, clean the ion source, and conduct online detection by active magnetron sputtering. The finished products are packaged and put into storage.

Tempering: cutting, grinding, drilling, cleaning, drying, testing, packaging and delivery of toughened products.




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