What is UV resistant glass? We can provide UV resistant glass

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UV resistant glass is a glass material that can effectively block ultraviolet radiation, and is widely used in the fields of architecture and automobiles. Next, we will conduct science popularization on UV resistant glass.

1. Hazards of ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet light is a radiation emitted by the sun, with a shorter wavelength than visible light, and can penetrate the atmosphere and enter the Earth's surface. However, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can cause significant harm to human health, such as skin cancer and cataracts.

2. Principle of UV resistant glass

The principle that UV resistant glass can block UV radiation is to add some metal oxides or other composite materials to resist UV penetration. These materials can absorb or reflect ultraviolet radiation, thereby reducing the extent to which ultraviolet radiation enters buildings or vehicles.

Classification of UV resistant glass

According to the different ways in which UV radiation is reflected and absorbed, UV resistant glass can be divided into single type and composite type. The single type mainly adds materials such as oxides to reflect ultraviolet rays, while the composite type combines absorption and reflection to improve the protective effect.

4. Application of UV resistant glass

UV resistant glass has been widely used in the fields of architecture and automobiles. In the field of architecture, it is used for glass curtain walls and glass roofs in large shopping malls, office buildings, international hotels, and other places. In the automotive field, UV resistant glass is used in windows, skylights, and other parts, mainly to block ultraviolet radiation.

In summary, UV resistant glass can effectively reduce the harm caused by UV radiation, and is attracting more and more attention and application. With the continuous progress of technology, the technology of UV resistant glass will continue to improve, providing better protection for human health and safety.


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