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Joyful Education Experience Center, Shanghai/The cloister, arc wall and curved doors and windows create a friendly, natural and comfortable learning environment.

The character of children originally comes from the innate heredity. Once they interact with the environment, they constantly develop and change in the process of adapting to the environment and gradually get rich. —— piaget, child psychology

Reading Tree was founded in 2010, has always been sticking with the most professional children’s first language acquisition way of real ascension English comprehensive ability, to dig and cultivate children in language in terms of talent and potential, improve the comprehensive cultural accomplishment, using the intelligent way of thinking, to teach students benefit from lifelong learning ability and methods.

▼the lobby of the education center including the island’s core service area and the public lecture area

The project is located in a site with a building area of only 220 square meters in the center of the city. The basic structure of the space is frame+shear wall. The customer's requirements include different forms of teaching area, office area, exhibition area and auxiliary function space. In the face of the multiple contradictions between function, space and environment, Muxin Design tried to remove all the block walls, open up the originally closed rooms, connect the classroom and public space with a corridor, break through the restrictions of the irregular original space through the design, achieve a free, open and interesting sustainable modern teaching environment, and make children have a sense of intimacy and interaction with the space.

▼the axon of the education center with a corridor to connect to the classroom and public space

▼the island’s core service area of the lobby in the form of a curved bookshelf

The designer eliminated all the non-load-bearing walls and connected the classroom and public space with the circular corridor centered on the front desk. All the Spaces were spread out towards the front desk, including various types of classrooms, exhibition areas, office areas and so on. Curved doorways echo the form of the front desk, revealing a dialogue between the interior and public Spaces. The whole educational space communicates each area with a smooth circular movement. Through a rigorous grasp of the spatial scale and emotional atmosphere, children can learn in a quiet and comfortable emotional environment. The primary colors of the project are wood and white, hoping to show the sustainability concept of designers and educators to the children with simple and unadorned language. According to the use of demand presents a variety of scale and texture space, let the children in a friendly, natural, comfortable environment to learn. Most of the cabinets and furniture products in the space are designed and produced off-site, and then assembled and combined on the site, so as to reduce the pollution of the site and truly realize the sustainable purpose of the design.

▼partial interior view of the lobby and the public lecture area, all the spaces are spread out towards the front desk

In order to be combined with international teaching standards, the teaching area presents a variety of teaching modes: public teaching areas, collective teaching areas, small class teaching areas, and the combination of activities and teaching. Through reasonable study and division, and diverse interactions, children who have started learning English with zero basis can gradually learn and enjoy the learning in the original reading. The children’s reading platform, open leisure area and role-playing public areas are interspersed into the space. Through the flexible use of the original corner of the space, the different spaces are positioned functionally to create a rich indoor activity area, which not only can induce children’s exploration psychology, but also allow them to freely choose and according to their own interests. Subjective exploration.

▼the public lecture area at the corner of the entrance space with arched book walls

The key to education is to protect the innate good nature of children. The characteristics of children’s life world include: originality, integrity, gameplay, imagination. The original building space is irregular in shape, and the entrance is located on the side of the aisle display surface, and the streamline is relatively tortuous. The design uses a continuous curved wall to soften the irregular interior space, creating a cloister around the island’s core service area, while serving both sides of the function to maximize its utilization. Breaking the boringness of the traditional straight corridors makes the space more fluid. When children are in the corridors, they are sometimes closed and sometimes open, and the virtual and real relationships between the various regions create a visual level.

▼the cloister around the island’s core service area, the continuous curved wall softens the irregular interior space

The classroom is enclosed by lightweight partitions and glass to ensure an open teaching environment while ensuring sound insulation. The public lecture area is at the corner of the entrance space, and the children can sit around the entire book wall and follow the teacher’s open learning and discussion.

▼viewing the corridor from the interior classroom, the classroom is enclosed by lightweight partitions and glass

▼viewing the entrance from the interior classroom that uses large glass with the round corner

As a private teaching classroom that provides personal testing, the designer chose electric fog glass, which not only satisfies the closedness of the child’s personal test, but also satisfies the open communication.

▼the private teaching classroom with electric fog glass

▼the private teaching classroom that satisfies the open communication

▼layout plan

Source: Window of Chinese Design

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