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What is float glass?

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Both float glass and ordinary plate glass belong to plate glass. It is only different in production process and quality.

Ordinary flat glass: It is a transparent five-color flat glass made of quartz sandstone powder, silica sand, potassium fossil, soda ash, mirabilite and other raw materials, prepared in a certain proportion, melted at high temperature in the furnace, and produced by vertical upward method, horizontal drawing method and calendering method.

Float glass: It is a transparent five-color flat glass made of sea sand, quartz sandstone powder, soda ash, dolomite and other raw materials in a certain proportion. After melting at high temperature in the furnace, the glass liquid continuously flows from the tank to the metal surface and floats on the metal surface. It is spread into a glass belt with uniform thickness and polished by fire. After cooling and hardening, it is separated from the metal liquid, and then cut by annealing.

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