Le Méridien Qingdao West Coast Resort

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Qingdao West Coast Longhe Le Meridien Resort has 217 excellent guest rooms, suites and presidential suites with exquisite design. The interior design style of the hotel is "holiday oriented", which can also be used as a business hotel to undertake various corporate activities and meetings.

The interior design of the hotel consists of three theme areas: "beach", "shallow sea" and "deep sea". In addition to the marine elements, the design inspiration also fully integrates the exquisite design from three cultural fields, including the cultural atmosphere from the eastern world, the western European cultural design details and the authentic Middle East customs, bringing the hotel guests a kind of cultural impact exploration experience of the world after landing.

Le Méridien Qingdao West Coast Resort glass

Room design

The safe glass protects you and ensures your wide vision. The hotel glass is made of super transparent glass, which is added with the ionic intermediate film of E&N, with better adhesion and stability.

Le Méridien Qingdao West Coast Resort glass

Restaurant design

There is temperature in the kitchen. The taste of ingredients can easily stimulate people's love for life, which is pure, simple and intense. Enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while eating delicious food. Life is very pleasant.

Le Méridien Qingdao West Coast Resort glass

Overall design

The glass building body, with the full screen glass as the interface and the metal aluminum plate as the outline of the sense of lines, has not added any redundant elements and clues, no messy decoration, no unexpected changes, but only the light and transparent glass building body itself, as well as its internal and external continuous circulation space, presents the ultimate beauty and romance of the futuristic living life.


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