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Hurricane Resistance Glass Hurricane Resistance Glass

Hurricane-resistant glass is designed for hurricane zone areas and meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements of local building codes. Excellent glass is combined with our ENsafe™MG ionoplast Interlayer(commonly known as SGP) to provide you with better products.

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Product Description

Hurricane resistance glass belongs to laminated glass, but it is better than ordinary laminated glass. The main reason is that the hurricane resistance glass is made of two or more pieces of thermal tempered glass with excellent performance, and one or more layers of SGP interlayer film are sandwiched between them. Hurricane resistance glass combined with reinforced hurricane resistance frames makes the entire structure much stronger. Can withstand the attack of hurricanes and hurricane-borne debris.

Hurricane Resistance Glass

Main Characteristic

Main Characteristic
1.Withstands hurricanes and hurricane debris.
2.Noise reduction for a quiet environment.
3.Excellent UV blocking.
4.Stronger and more secure.
5.Excellent weather resistance.
6.Reduce insurance costs.


Curtain Wall Glass
Hurricane resistant window
▎ Hurricane resistant door
Hurricane Resistance Glass application

What is hurricane glass?

With the increasing number of high-rise buildings, people are paying more attention to the use of glass in high-rise buildings. In addition to the widely used insulating glass and other glass, today we will introduce another relatively rare type of glass: hurricane glass.

The hurricane resistant glass uses the toughness and strength of the combination of physical toughened glass and the intermediate layer SGP plate or film to resist the continuous impact of the hurricane, and the impact of the hurricane with solid debris is easy to break the glass; The glass is fixed in the special single-layer rigid structure frame system, so that the edge of the glass plate is firmly maintained in the frame to form the hurricane resistant glass and system.

The hurricane glass can be classified into five grades according to the grade: A, B, C, D and E. The hurricane of grade E has the highest intensity and the greatest destructive force. The whole structure of hurricane resistant glass can fully play the combination of rigidity and softness, and can resist the continuous positive and negative wind pressure of extremely strong wind and the collision of strong wind and impactors, ensuring the integrity of the glass.


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The insulating glass produced by the company can limit the heat and cold air transmitted through the glass, improve the thermal insulation performance of the glass, ensure the comfort of the indoor space, and effectively reduce the condensation phenomenon on the glass surface caused by the indoor and outdoor temperature difference. Among them, the transmittance of low-radiation insulating glass to sunlight is 80%, and the radiance is only 0.08~0.15, which is 8 times higher than that of ordinary insulating glass, and the loss of indoor thermal radiation is only 15%, effectively preventing indoor heat from radiating to the outside, thus saving heating costs. The product also has the function of controlling the one-way flow of heat to the room. In summer, it can prevent the heat radiation of the outside sun from entering the room, thus saving the cost of air conditioning and cooling, and reducing energy consumption by 40% a year.

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