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Smash Proof Glass Smash Proof Glass

Smash proof glass is a composite glass made by bonding multiple pieces of glass and high-transparency adhesive materials together under high temperature and high pressure. It is a special glass that can break away from the frame without forming a penetrating hole or deforming after being attacked by a specified tool.

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Product Description

Main Characteristic:

1. The appearance quality is smooth, no scratches, uniform glue layer, no bubbles and any defects, all sides are polished and chamfered, and the brand and model are marked in the glass, which is anti-counterfeiting.

2. Smash proof ability, according to different glass grades, under normal conditions, using specified tools for impact, no penetrating holes will appear.

3. Light transmittance ≥ 75%, through the glass to ensure that the image quality of the surveillance video meets the requirements.



1. Museum

2. Jewelry store

3. Financial institutions

4. Judiciary

5. Superior Hotel Suite

6. Private Club

Shatterproof Glass


Smash Proof Glass Level Requirements


Test Condition

Acceptance Condition


Withstand 68J sharp tool impact 3 times

There should be no penetrating holes


Withstand 120J sharp tool impact 6 times

There should be no penetrating holes


Withstand 270J sharp tool impact 20 times

There should be no penetrating holes


Withstand 362J sharp tool impact 30 times

and fire flat ax impact 80 times

There should be no penetrating holes


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