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Patterned Glass Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is a kind of flat glass manufactured by rolling method. Before the glass is hardened, a patterned roller is used to emboss patterns on one or both sides of the glass, thereby making patterned glass with patterns on one or both sides.

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Product Description

Classification of Patterned Glass:

Patterned glass is divided into ordinary patterned glass, patterned vacuum aluminized glass, three-dimensional patterned glass and colored film patterned glass according to type.


Main Characteristic:

1. Manufactured by rolling process, high strength.
2. Rich patterns and good decorative effect.
3. It can block part of the line of sight and protect privacy to a certain extent.
4. Good light transmission, light transmission and opaque.



1. Indoor partitions in various places
2. Bathroom doors and windows
3. Photovoltaic field

A Part of Patterned Glass

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