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About SGP

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About lonomer interlayer (SGP)

Originated in the United States in the 1990s, lonomer interlayer (SGP) is a new type of interlayer used in architectural glass. SGP boasts a much better perlor-mance than traditional interlayer materials, with its hardness 100 times that of PVB. and its tear strength and modulus of rigidity 50 times that of PVB. Such excellent attributes make SGP an ideal choice for glass construction in North America, where frequent hurricanes used to be a headache SGP is also widely recognized among designers and builders across the world, who have come up with manifold innovative solutions with SGP The architectural glass and curtain wall industry name ionomer interlayer 'SGP' to differentiate this new material from traditional PVB interlayer.

Explanation of Terms


SGP interlayer membrane: Ionic polymer, containing a small amount of metal salts, mainly composed of ethylene methacrylic acid copolymer after extrusion

The polymer plastic membrane formed by pressing is hard and translucent, with good adhesion to inorganic glass and metal plates.

PVB intermediate film: A polymer material formed by plasticization and extrusion of PolyvinylButyral resin and plasticizer,

A soft, semi transparent plastic film with good adhesion to inorganic glass.


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