Black Architecture of W Hotel in Osaka, Japan

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Black Abstinence Experience "W Store in Osaka, Japan

W Hotel is a modern luxury and fashion Lifestyle brand under the Marriott Group. For its own positioning, "Lifestyle" is rooted in the bold attitude of New York City and the vibrant atmosphere flowing every minute. W Hotel subverts the inherent perception and challenges the definition of traditional luxury in every destination.

Osaka, Japan has finally welcomed the opening of its first W hotel. It was Tadao Ando, the master of ghost architecture, who personally designed the W Hotel. This new hotel, called "W Osaka", is located in the bustling Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Tadao Ando's hometown.

It continues the consistent style of Tadao Ando. Its surface looks like a square black glass box and is abstinent.

As night falls, the entrance of the black building will have different colors. To enter the hotel, one must first enter a magnificent tunnel surrounded by neon lights. Compared to the minimalist asceticism outside, the interior is more like a "colorful world


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