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Let's see what is unique about the Canton Tower, which is known as the "tallest tower in Asia"!

Canton Tower has three characteristics: first, it is a landmark building in Guangzhou; Second, it not only gives people a great visual shock; Third, its appearance is also attractive. From the appearance, Canton Tower is a modern super high-rise building.

Among them, there is a building of Guangzhou People's Broadcasting Station standing inside the tower. The building is divided into five floors, each of which is more than several meters high. It is the highest tower in the world. From the top floor, you can overlook the whole Guangzhou city and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Pearl River. Because of its overall height, it is also known as the "tallest tower in Asia".

Architectural characteristics

The whole body of Canton Tower is a hollow steel structure frame. The 24 steel columns twist counterclockwise from bottom to top, and the section of each component is changing. The column, beam and diagonal brace of the steel structure outer frame cylinder are in a three-dimensional inclined state. In addition, the twisted steel structure outer frame cylinder is thick from top to bottom and thin in the middle, which brings challenges to the processing, fabrication, installation, construction measurement and deformation control of the steel structure. There are 24 steel columns, 46 groups of ring beams and 1104 diagonal braces in the outer frame cylinder of steel structure alone. Due to the difference in materials between the concrete core tube in the middle of Canton Tower and the outer frame tube of the steel structure, the settlement of the floor beam and the outer frame tube is inconsistent. In order to adjust the correctness of the relative position between the steel members and the main structure, many nodes control the accuracy of the relative position of the steel column body through three-dimensional coordinates.


ferris wheel

Canton Tower Ferris Wheel is located at 450-454 meters from the top of Canton Tower, which is the highest Ferris Wheel in the world. Different from the ordinary vertical ferris wheel, the Canton Tower ferris wheel does not hang on the track, but runs along the inclined track. It takes about 20 minutes to run for a week, so tourists can enjoy Guangzhou from all angles. The ferris wheel is composed of 16 sightseeing ball cabins, which rotate in linkage and are placed near the edge. Each sightseeing ball cabin has a diameter of 3.2 meters and can accommodate 4-6 passengers. The sightseeing ball cabin is made of ultra-high permeability laminated glass, which can bring visitors the ultimate visual experience.

107/108 sightseeing floor

The 107/108 sightseeing floor is the highest point of indoor sightseeing in Canton Tower. It is a two floor sightseeing hall with the theme of white clouds and starry sky. The new central axis of the city and the vast Pearl River can be seen everywhere.

Each floor is equipped with a "suspension corridor" of fully transparent tempered glass structure, which is a perfect place to take pictures.

The clear city planning can be seen in the sunny Canton Tower. When the visibility is high, the landscape photographed is very beautiful. In addition to sunny days, rainy days and foggy days have different feelings when climbing the Canton Tower. In cloudy weather, it is also very rare to feel the clouds curling around the tower and resembling a fairyland.

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