Singapore's famous airport - tropical rain forest under the super large glass dome

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This is an integrated project airport of Singapore Airport. The designer created a multi sensory natural experience in the thermostatically controlled glass dome. An 8-acre garden is located above the interior space, integrating unexpected features. The garden terrace is nearly 30 meters down to a central gathering space with round theater seats. The restaurant, cafe and activity square can be accessed from the garden. Visitors can experience the light fountain show in the building center. The water and rain on the roof complement each other to show the audience a natural picture.

The integrated dynamic glass sunshade system and innovative displacement ventilation system provide a highly comfortable space for various indoor activities, and provide suitable lighting for the lush plants under the roof.

▼ Construction

The geometric form of the building is based on a semi inverted round roof, with a span of 200 meters. The integrated structure and facade system make it possible to have an interior space with almost no columns.


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