Factors affecting the bullet-resistant ability of glass

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 The bullet-resistant ability of glass is affected by many factors, and it is very important to control these factors effectively to select and manufacture bullet-resistant glass.

   (1) The thickness. The thicker the glass, the more bullet-resistant ability it is.Because the material's bearing capacity increases exponentially with its thickness.

   (2) The combination.When the thickness of laminated bullet-resistant glass is gradually reduced from the impact surface to the back surface, its bullet-resistant ability will increase, especially when the last layer of glass(From impact side) is thinner, its bullet-resistant effect is better, because this arrangement can reduce the splashing, so as to reduce the degree of secondary damage.

   (3) The size of glass.The larger the size of glass is, the larger elastic deformation of glass produced when it is impacted. The more the impact energy absorbed by glass is converted into elastic energy, and the smaller the damage to glass is.

    (4) The installation.Glass periphery is firmly fixed to the frame, when the glass is impacted by, its elastic deformation will be limited, bullet-resistant ability will be adversely affected, bullet-resistant ability will decline.Similarly, when the glass is installed, if the contact with the frame is inelastic, its bullet-resistant ability will also decrease.


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